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whats to figure out? You set the radio on channel 1 adjust the knob to read for check then adjust to set then move knob to swr and write down your reading.Do the same thing on channel 40 and 19 always writing down your reading.

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2SC1969 is the correct final for RF TX.
Do you have 50mA between TP 7 and TP 9?

Do you have 100mA between TP 7 and TP 8

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the meter may be on the wrong setting or just may be blown out. Can friends still hear you talking when you are on the radio ?

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yes ,it is a good mic.

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There are too many possibilities as to what the fix is for your radio. You need to take your radio into a radio shop that services CB radios.

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take it to you're local shop

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go to www.cbtricks.com and you will find everything you need.

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Squelch turned all the way to the left.RF gain all the way to the right.make sure you are in cb not pa mode and rf power to the right.If you still have this problem its in the radio and a tech will have to be used.

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you are using a vtvm meter aren't you?

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did you try VR-16. How do you know if tx is ok if there is no modulation.Have you put a watt meter to it ,also a modulation meter..I know you put a power meter to it because you said it keys 5 watts. Do all the simple things first then procede to the harder things like diodes resistors and caps. If you have to touch a can don't do it unless you know what the can operates and then only turn it a hair at a time.

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Has links to pages to show you how the alignment is performed, plus a schematic if you need to trace the transmitter portion for faults..

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RG6 Cable is a 75 ohm cable and is generally used in residential settings for UHF/VHF off air antenna, cable & satellite TV signal feed lines.

The transmitter you have - like most CB, Amateur, etc. radios ant associated antennas have 50 ohm outputs and outputs. This is for a reason. Ohm's law says Maximum Power Transfer occurs when Resistance In equals Resistance Out. In order to achieve this, all the components must have matching (or close to it) resistance values. Inserting a 75 Ohm cable in a "balanced" 50 Ohm circuit can cause a mismatch or high SWR. There are ways around this - but it's too deep for here.

Your best bet would be to either try the RG6 and adjust the antenna for lowest SWR, or if unable to get it down to an acceptable value (less than 2:1 is the worst I'd accept - but 1.5:1 is significantly better), purchase a high quality 50 Ohm coaxial cable assembly instead. Good luck!

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you do not "set" swr.you cannot set it on the radio. the radio can tell you what yourswr is. it can take an swr measurement. swr has to do with the antenna system. in order for the radio waves to radiate from the antenna properly, the physical length of the antenna must match the length of the radio waves. if the antenna is too long or too short you will have a higher swr ratio. the higher the ratio the less energy will leave the antenna. but that energy needs to go somewhere, so it goes back into the radio which causes damage and can ruin a radio.

first turn the channel to 20. then switch the meter switch to CAL. then key the radio. while keyed, turn the CAL knob up until the needle in the meter gets right to the CAL Mark. next flip the meter switch and key the radio. where ever he needle is, is what your swr is.if it is more the 1.5 that's getting high. if its over 2 you are in the danger zone. if its over 3 you are damaging your radio. you must repeat the calibration proceedure for every channel.to figure out weather your antenna is too long or short, you compare the swr readings from channel 1 and ch 40. if the swr is higher in 1 then on 40 the entenna is too short. if its higher on 40 then 1 its to long.

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just follow service manual make sure its aligned properly .. some of those radios have pll problems too causing them not to TX...

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You probably burnt resistors,relays and transistors near front end sections. Need to take to shop or do yourself. Small solder pencil, solder ******, and change all parts and tiny relay box which may be a black square(but,it rarely fails) I would say transistors,capacitors,resistors. Best to let professionals have a look..Cb shops,Radio Shack, www.copperelectronics.com. Galaxy Radio.Inc.People who service radios; they may charge a good price $$$ though. About $18 to $30/Hr. Labor plus parts.

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Hello twelch,
Welcome to FixYa.
My name is John, and I will be assisting you with your issue today.
If it is the old four(4) wire mic, the wiring will be as follows:
Pin #1. Shield (Ground)
Pin #2. White (Audio)
Pin #3. Red (Transmit)
Pin #4. Black (Recieve)
If it is a SIX (6) wire! The Blue would go to Pin #1. with the Shield, and the Yellow
has no connection. I hope this was helpful to you. Your Comments and Testimony's are
always welcome here at FixYa. Thanks for choosing FixYa today and in the future.


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Here is a basic instruction on how to adjust the SWR. When you adjust the SWR, you are not changing anything on the radio. You are actually tuning the antenna for best SWR. The lower the better. SWR stands for "Standing Wave Ratio" Or in layman's terms, SWR is energy that is reflected back into the radio. The higher your SWR reading, the more RF energy that is not leaving the antenna, and getting reflected back into the radio. This can cause damage to the transmit section of the radio. The length of the antenna is what will change this. The length of the antenna must match the length of the radio wave. The following instruction will explain how to take an SWR reading, and how to use that reading to ascertain weather the antenna is too long or too short.

Here is a quick explanation of the meter. There are 3 settings for the meter. SWR, MOD, and PWR. When you are not keying the radio the meter will show you your receive signal. How strong some ones signal is. When you have the switch on MOD and key, when you talk it shows you modulation. How much audio you are putting through the radio. When its on power, and you key the radio, it shows you your dead key wattage.

Tuning your antenna:

It is important to tune your CB radio antenna to the proper length. The length must exactly match the wavelength of the frequency you transmit on. Or be really really close.

All Cb antenna's have a way to adjust the length of the antenna. If it's a mag mount, the metal whip can be slid in and out of a metal collar. Usually a set screw. If its a fiberglass whip, the way to tune it is on top. It either has a small metal rod with a set screw to adjust the length, or it threads in and out to adjust length.

Either type you have it will need to be adjusted for proper length. Here is how to tune the antenna to lowest SWR.

Some radios have a built in SWR meter. Some do not. If yours doesn't have an SWR meter, then you have to use an external SWR meter. Radio shack carries one, and you can find them cheap on ebay.

If you have a built in SWR meter or external, the procedure is the same:

1. Turn the radio to CH 20.(This is the center of the band.)
2. Switch the meter switch to SWR
3. Key the radio. (Important. Do not talk while keying the radio.)

Where the meter falls after that point is you SWR reading. If its above 3, that is real bad. 2 is not gonna kill your radio but its not the greatest. 1.5 and under is a good place to be, but the lower the better.

If your SWR is high, Here is how to find out if your antenna is too long or too short.

1. Turn to CH 1
2. Repeat SWR procedure. You must calibrate every time you do it.
3. Remember the SWR reading.
4. Turn to CH 40.
5. Again repeat SWR procedure.
6. Compare the reading between CH 1 and CH 40.

Now if the SWR is higher on channel 1 then channel 40 your antenna is too short. You must make it longer.

If the SWR is longer on channel 40 then on channel 1, then the antenna is too long, you need to make it shorter.

Make height adjustments about an eight inch at a time, and take reading each time.

once the SWR is significantly lower and the reading on channel 1 and 40 are about the same, you a about matched. At this point turn the radio to the center of the band, channel 20 and take an SWR reading.

You should now have a low SWR reading, 1.5 or under. If you are 1.5 or under, you are good to go.

If you cannot get the SWR to an appropriate level, there may be an antenna problem.

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