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Maybe the video portion of your receiver was fried by the lightning. The good news is, you don't need it!
I run all my video sources (sattelite, xbox and dvd player) to my TV with hdmi cables, and a single toslink(optical) from the televison to my 5.1 home theatre receiver. it sounds great and I only use a single input of the receiver for all my video.

If your setup does not have toslink themn use coaxial digital. it is also one wire and probably is indistinguishable in sound quality.

for future, run the power for all your electronics through a UPS or fancy surge supressor to protect them from bad power (and lightning)

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Sorry, if the speakers are good, it will have to go in for repair.

Denon AVR-2807... | Answered on Apr 24, 2014 | 51 views

Change the hdmi cable and try. If not then you have an hdmi fault module.

Denon AVR-2807... | Answered on Dec 15, 2013 | 191 views

Remove the batteries. Press all the buttons to eliminate a stuck button as the problem. Reinstall the batteries or install new batteries. Check remote operation.

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Check the speaker setup configuration in the setup menu. Many times the surround back speaker terminals can be assigned to something else like zone 2. They may just be turned off.

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hold speaker A and speaker B buttons and turn on main power switch

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Hello there, the wireless headset which you are trying to connect would determine the functionality or otherwise of the wireless headset. What headset are you trying to connect? What does the headset dongle look like? Most systems do hot support wireless headsets but depending on the headset it could work. Provide me with answers to the questions to enable me determine what has to be done.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
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Define, attach and test them according to the manual.

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This is strictly a remote control failure.

Read this procedure to possibly fix the remote:
They also sell replacement remotes.
Or look on eBay, usually much cheaper if available.

Another thing would be to make sure the receiver's remote eye isn't picking up infrared from anything else in the environment.

Denon AVR-2807... | Answered on Jun 22, 2011 | 455 views

Your system goes to standby mode after power ON means it is in protection mode.
First of all remove all the speaker connections from the amplifier. After that power the amplifier and check the protect show or not . if not, then any of the speaker is damaged. If then also it shows protect you have to check the amplifiers hardware.

AV receivers shows protect mode , when there is a hardware fault in side it. Its a warning that some thing is wrong.
Normally AV receivers show this when any of the output amplifier have some problem. there are six amplifiers in this AV receiver. May occur when the output diver transistors of any of the amplifier become shorted. if the output transistor get shorted this will lead to flow of current through the speakers. To prevent this there is a protection circuit for each channels. One combined output of this protection circuit is connected to the system control. when the any of the output amplifier fails, the protection circuit detects it and switch of the speaker and sent data to the system control. when the system control get this data it will give a warning to the customer through display that PROTECT.
You have to check the amplifier.
For that you need digital multimeter,soledring iron screwdrivers etc
Open the amplifier , then power it on. connect the negative terminal of the multimeter any where in the chase( metal body of the amplifer). then connect the positive terminal to all the output transistors emitter pin one by one . the voltage should be bellow 0.5V. If any of the emitter of the transistor shows voltage more than 0.5V., then that amplifier stage is faulty. Remove the transistors and check it. if it is shot then replace with a new one.
after replacing the transistors do not power up the amplifier directly from the main. You have to put a bulb of 60 watts in serial.
You can do this easily remove the mains fuse. put the bulb in a holder. now you have to wire from the holder. connect one of it to the one end of the fuse holder and the other wire to the other end of the fuse holder. Why using a bulb is, if there is any further problem in the amplifier stage on which the transistors replaced, there is a possibility of the new transistor get damage. if we use a bulb in serial with its mains supply ,when any overload in the amplifier occur the bulb will drop the current, by lighting itself.
After connecting the bulb in serious power on the amplifier. watch the bulb. It should light for one or two second and go dim . if so check the display, is there is protect mode is on or not . if not and come back to normal operation ,then remove the power , remove the bulb insert fuse and check
connect the power and check.
If the bulb shows bright light then there is some component also faulty in the same amplifier. after removing the power you have to check again the amplifier stage of which the transistor is replaced, for any other faulty components.

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If the Receiver is not properly ventilated, then it will get overheated and will not work as expected. I suggest you to keep the Receiver properly ventilated so that all the sides and top areas are having enough space.
Now, remove and reconnect all the connected cables to make sure that the connections are firm and secure. As the DVD audio works fine through the Receiver, it seems that the Receiver is working fine. Based on the information you've provided, it seems that the issue may be with the connected cable box or the cables. Please try swapping or changing the cables and check if it works.

Please get back to us if you require any further assistance after performing the steps.

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'Night' compresses the audio's dynamic range to make soft sounds more audible and loud sounds less loud for a given volume setting. The assumption being that there are people sleeping while you're listening or there's so much environmental background noise that you won't hear the soft sounds. It sort of defeats the whole reason for having HIGH fidelity sound. Ditto for D.Comp.

'Pure' bypasses all internal analog processing (page 25). Why? Who can say? Other than to diagnose a problem. If the tone controls are contributing to the sound they don't belong in a Denon product to begin with. The implication is that to NOT use Pure or Direct is to inflict audible limitations on the sound. And you may lose control of the sub, too. Oh goody.

Register and download the manual for free at

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'Aux' is a general label for any Line Level analog stereo input like DVD, VCR, TV, DBS, etc. They are usually electrically identical and interchangeable except for PHONO.

V-Aux on this unit is on the front panel for conveniently connecting a video device. It has analog and assignable digital audio plus S-video and composite video.

There is nothing labeled 'Aux' on this unit.

Denon AVR-2807... | Answered on Feb 16, 2011 | 458 views

Your tv needs to have an HDMI out. If it has just connect that to the Denon. Tv might not have HDMI out so connect an optical cable from the tv's optical out to the Denon's optical in.

Denon AVR-2807... | Answered on Jan 18, 2011 | 302 views

first check on th exbox if the HDMI capability is enabled...and if it is..than try to hook it up on the HDMI 1...and be sure that the plug is the correct one ... Sometimes not both plugs works cause of the frequency or so ..
If you have something else plugged on the HDMI 1 try to change the places..
Also check in the main menu area..if the HDMI2 is enabled in the TV ..and if it has a tune feature use it just in case it has a frequency issue....But usually these kinda problems came due to the disabled port issues..

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It seems standby power supply is defective in this receiver, follow ac cord going in receiver that will take you standby power supply board to test fuse on it, replace it if blown out and check.

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This problem can be caused by a variety of problems. The least among these will be improper connection or breakages midway through the cables which send video feed the the screen. Try replacing the cables and if the problem persists then the problem is more complicated
The other likely problem would be the video IC on the circuit board in this case you have to refer the unit to an expert.
Hope this solution has been helpful?

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this problem is due to variable resistor damage, this is regula due to long time service. if u access the varable resistor try to change it if you know how, if you dont want to change, put a little bet amount of oil to easily clean the contacs or try to depress the volume contol to return it to push contact position. varible resistor is your volume control

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Page 55

1 Switch off the unit and remove the AC cord from the wall
outlet. (for North America model)
Switch off the unit using the main unit‘s power switch. (for
multiple voltage model)
2 Hold the following AUTO button and PCM button, and plug
the AC cord into the outlet. (for North America model)
Hold the following AUTO button and PCM button, and turn
the main unit‘s power switch on. (for multiple voltage model)
3 Check that the entire display is flashing with an interval of
about 1 second, and release your fingers from the 2 buttons
and the microprocessor will be initialized.

Denon AVR-2807... | Answered on Aug 05, 2010 | 112 views

Describe how the iPod is connected. If digitally and you get an analog icon, find out why the digital output is not being recognized. Try a different input on the receiver or try an analog connection to prove the iPod is working.

Denon AVR-2807... | Answered on Jul 22, 2010 | 225 views

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