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When switched on power is supplied to the heating element until the temperature reaches that which the thermostat is adjusted to and then the thermostat switches off the power to the element.

Whether electro-mechanical or electronic the thermostat isn't doing the job and as it is a digital control electronic thermostat that seems dead, I guess that is the part that needs repair or replacement.

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Nov 12, 2019 | 17 views

Try swapping the fuse in the plug, If not that I would contact seller and or manufacturer for replacement / repair under warrenty.

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you can not . time to pit it .

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try looking here I saw download manual listed HZ709 Honeywell Oil Filled Digital Radiator Heater

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Oct 31, 2015 | 981 views

I'm going to ask the first "obvious" question: are you sure the socket you're plugging into is delivering power? (Sorry to ask but it's an Occam's Razor kind of situation) Have you tried a different socket in the same room? Next, does the main power switch for the heater have different settings i.e. high, medium, low, high-high, high-low, low-low and have you tried those combinations? Next, pick up the heater (if it won't hurt your back) and give it a robust shake. Try the power again. Any luck? Keep us posted.

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Dec 19, 2015 | 718 views

Can you describe what you mean by "does not respond correctly to switches"? Does your heater make any heat? Does your unit have a thermostat and do you hear the it click on/off when you adjust it?? Do you have one or two (high or low) heating ranges? If it has two, does it make heat when on just one or the other range?

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Feb 18, 2015 | 259 views

I don't have a definitive answer but I have an idea you could try. With the power plug removed from the socket, pick the unit up and give it some really good shakes and possibly turn it upside down. I am guessing the unit contains an internal "tip-over" sensor which I'm hoping will become unstick and reset itself. After you've given it a good shake, let it settle for fifteen minutes or more, and restore electricity. If your actions reset the sensor (and you're "lucky"), it should heat up and operate normally. If that doesn't solve it, I fear you're SOL and you may need to toss the unit.

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Nov 19, 2014 | 593 views

As I recall, I found a unit in the dumpster and took it home to check out. I turned it on and had power display but no heat. Started looking around for model number and other info.
As I was moving it I heard oil sizzling. The unit has worked since then. There are bimetallic switches inside of them. They tend to stick. Moving it around (dumpster trip, my trip home) allowed it to return to its proper position (normally closed).
I have ran into this with many coffee makers, bounce them around a bit and the sensor will reset.
Hope this helps you!!

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Aug 09, 2014 | 453 views

Was there any physical damage to the heater when it fell over?

The HZ-709 has safety features that might prevent its subsequent operation.
1 - It has a tip over switch but the heater should operate normally when it's upright again.
2 - A thermal cut-off fuse will permanently shut down the heater should it operate at a higher than normal temperature. Was it operating when it fell over, or could it have overheated?

If it's none of those, try contacting the manufacturer Kaz directly by email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. as the HZ-709 has a 3-year warranty.

Digital Electric Radiator HZ 709

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Jan 31, 2014 | 335 views

Keep in mind that this unit will take a while to heat up. I have the same unit and it can take up to an hour to get really hot. Once up to temperature, you should hear the thermostat cycle on and off. To test it, set the thermostat to a low setting and leave the unit for an hour. It should be warm. If it is not, then the problem is after the thermostat such as a broken heating element wire. If so, it is probably not worth fixing.

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Jan 03, 2014 | 103 views

That is the manual you need. Hope it helps. If you need anything else, let me know.

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Dec 07, 2013 | 2,297 views

If the sockets are hot (electrically, plug in something to confirm that sockets operation) and you are pushing the right button on the heater, then the unit is defective. There is no type of resettable sensor to my knowledge (not consumer accessible).

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Nov 30, 2013 | 134 views

The heater may have simply failed.

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Nov 10, 2013 | 51 views

I need to download direction for the Honeywell oil filled radiator heater hz709 please

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Oct 20, 2013 | 169 views

I am having the same problem. I am not sure the cause but I was reading that some manufacturers will put automatic shut off switches in the electronics. I read that it was mainly printers and faxes but I wonder if that could hold true here as well?

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Mar 27, 2013 | 3,503 views

The left button under the temperature display lets you toggle between the heat output (high, medium and low) settings. Press the left or right side of the buttons. The center button sets the timer; press the left side of the button repeatedly to increase the run time. Press the right side to lower the length of time before the heater shuts off. The right hand button sets the desired final temp. Again it's an up/down toggle on the left and right sides of the button. Once you get to the desired temperature (in 1 degree increments), the display will return to showing the current temperature three seconds after you release the button.

Home Depot has the Use and Care manual on their product site: . The direct link is'altruik'202804472 . You will need Adobe Reader or a similar program to view the document.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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It will be inline with the power entering, meaning probably by the thermal overload, it may not be equipped with that , but rely on a thermal overload as the oil units surface temps are no way near the point of combustion if it does touch aything as curtains or rugs etc.

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Feb 25, 2012 | 700 views

Hi eharris001,

Try to unplug the unit for a few minutes and see if that help. If that does not work, check the switch or an open-circuit heating element. You need a multimeter/voltmeter to access the switch panel. Check to see if the voltage exists on both sides of the switch. If is not, the switch is faulty. If it is present on both sides of the switch, you need to check circuit of heater using the resistance measuring section of the multimeter.

You may also remove the cover with all of the wires still attached exposes the weighted mechanical safety (anti-tilt) switch that allows for the possibly bent electrical contacts to be readjusted. Check and tighten any loose or overheated spade connectors.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for using FixYa.

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Oct 25, 2013 | 971 views

where the cord comes out of the unit, you can take that cover off and look for burnt wires. Hope this helps Tim

Honeywell HZ-709... | Answered on Apr 24, 2011 | 114 views

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