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i actually dont know what that is...mindboggling, right? call your tv company.

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FL231. FUSE.... The RCA ITC222 chasis has a common problem. and it not all that difficult to repair. Does your rca projection tv have read blue and green shadows? Does it have bowing in affect on the top and bottom of picture? when you turn it on does some thin red green and blue line bow in from the top then go away. The main question to determine if you have the fl231 fuse problem is if you go into customer menu then setup do you have the "CONVERGENCE' option. If you do not. then i suspect you have this problem. In the manufactering of these sets Lead free solder is used. now there is great debate over the use of lead free. connection tend to be more brittle. cracks develop around the solder connections of the high voltage flyback transformer. this very small crack set up oscillations in the cuicit with a 400 milliamp fuse. THis fuse cant take it. When this fuse blows the processor then does not know its a projection tv with three projection tubes. it thinks its a crt tube tv. and crt tube tv dont need "convergence" so it removes the convergence from the set.

TO REPAIR... 1. Warning. this set can generate leathal dangerous voltages even unplug do not attempt if you have no experence with electronics.
2. Remove the back. there a number of torx 20 screws.
3. what you will see is a number of circit boards There will be one on the right and one on the left. the one on the right is the small signal board. the one on the left is called the power deflection board. it has a large black part with a big red or black wire coming from the top, this is the flyback.Next to the flyback on the right of it there will be three small rectangular componets tan or brown in color. these are fuses. the one in the middle is the fl231 fuse.
4. getting to this fuse can be difficult. these two cuicit boards sit on a tray that is removable. to remove this tray it is pulled out and up. BUt watch the wires.loosen the wire tyes.
5 when you get the tray up the bottom side of the board can be accessed
you will now have to unsolder that fuse. one side of this fuse is under a plastic part of the tray. i have found the easest way is to cut away the plastic to get to it. if you dont want to do this you will have to remove the board. only remove half of the plastic brace
7 RESOLDER FLYBACK CONNECTIONS simply heat up and add a little solder
8 reassemble set. make sure you examine the set for loose connections.
9 and remember "BE Careful'

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replacing the deflection board will solve that issue about 95% of the time. You need the ITC222A deflection board PSB260 which you can get from www.tvrepairworld.com listed under the RCA Projection circuit boards. It comes with installation instructions.

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The set indicated is prone to this kind of trouble.

If in the menu you do not see the convergence (your problem) adjustment mode listed--there is a 3 part kit for that---a part opens and the set detects that and removes that item from the main menu.

This set is also prone to bad solder connections at the high voltage transformer which cause both the 3 part kit problem and other convergence troubles.

Have to get at the board with the high voltage transformer and look for the bad connections---I attach a photo of the transformer so you know what it looks like and will be able to locate it in the set.

Let me know if you need further help.


NOTE THE PINS ON THE BOTTOM-that is where you want to look for broken or poor solder connections on the bottom of the board.

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Yes it has a built in digital tuner.

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I think from memory you are likely to find it is a resistor and if burnt to a crisp the high voltage splitter block up front is bad.

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if the set is still under warrenty it might be worth fixing because it sounds like you red tube has failed tubes in this set are 250 to 300 just for the part and very labor intesive to install and setup there may be other reasons the tube has failed

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replace the deflection board your model uses the PSB260 deflection board available from www.tvrepairworld.com

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You can download the instruction manual in PDF format by clicking this link.

On the page which opens, click on the "Download" button to download and save the manual
  • You'll require Adobe PDF Reader installed on your computer to view the manual. If it is not already installed on your computer, download it free from: http://get.adobe.com/reader/
Hope this solves your problem. Thanks for using FixYa

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I can only give you some general advice without seeing what you have (could you perhaps post a photo or two on Facebook?). Someone with a service manual could tell you more if you provide the part identifier printed on the board (for example, a resistor might have a label next to it or under such as "R357", while a transistor could be "Q241").
The part that is overheating may be the problem, but more often it is getting hot because another part has failed and is causing too much current to go through the overheating part.
If your set has the typical CRT rear projection TV layout, the board in question is a high-frequency switching power supply. The noise you hear may be from an overloaded transformer. A very common failure mode in these power supplies is a shorted diode on the secondary side of the transformer (the side away from the power input). This will cause an overload on the primary side and put it in some form of current limiting mode (in many designs it just blows a fuse, but in some current is limited by electronic protective shutdown circuits).
Finding a shorted diode is not difficult if you know how to use an ohmmeter and can identify a diode (the board marker will be "Dnnn"). A good diode will have a large resistance or read open if the test leads are connected in one direction, and have a smaller resistance in the other. A bad diode will read close to zero resistance in either direction. CAUTION: resistance tests must be made only with the set unplugged! Attempting to read resistance on a live set can cause severe damage to the ohmmeter, and could blow up the power supply, to say nothing of personal hazard from the high voltages present.
Here are a couple of typical diode packages:.11_25_2011_6_18_36_am.jpgThis part is usually mounted on the board, sometimes on extended leads so it has some airspace between it and the board for cooler operation. The image shown is about size of the largest examples of the DO series package type. Note that there is a band painted on one end of the diode. If you connect the minus lead of the ohmmeter to this end and the plus lead to the other end, you should get the lower resistance reading mentioned previously.

11_25_2011_6_26_32_am.jpgThe TO-220 package is shown about the actual size. It is also used for transistors, voltage regulators and other power integrated circuits, and (rarely) resistors. The center lead is often bent outwards to fit a triangle hole pattern in the board, and the tab is fastened to a metal heat radiator of some sort. Use the board marking to identify the part (if it doesn't start with "D" it isn't a diode), or look up the part type number online (printed on the front of the package). Often there will be two diodes in the package sharing a common connection to the center lead. The center lead is usually equivalent to the banded end in the DO-type diodes. Note that transistors also often fail by shorting out. Once in a while the failure is obvious - the plastic will be cracked, burned, or even have a crater blown out of it.

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the convergence power board PSB260 will need replacement. You can get the convergence power board from www.tvrepairworld.com

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you need to replace the deflection board PSB260 you can get the replacement deflection board from www.tvrepairworld.com

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The deflection board is the usual cause of that symptom. You can Get THE ITC222A deflection board from www.tvrepairworld.com which also includes a 6 month warranty on the Circuit board

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The convergence is out, and the convergence ICs' need change, or it will have to be repair, and it will run around 350, on repairs.

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The deflection board PSB260 needs replacement. You can get the RCA deflection board PSB260 from www.tvcircuitboards.com which comes with installation Instructions and a 6 month warranty.

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press menu on the remote then scroll down to setup and see if the Auto convergence feature is still listed under the setup menu or has it disappeared? Please respond to this same post for assistance.

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That model is famous for having issues with the deflection board failing. Replacing the deflection board should solve the issue. You can get replacement deflection board for the ITC222A chassis from www.tvrepairworld.com under the RCA circuit boards catagory.

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You need to check the output voltages of the power supply to see which one goes off. It may be due to short circuits some where, if otherwise,
Your power supply board is dead, u know basic electronics' and soldering? Most of the times, the power supply board just have dead leakages gases capacitors.These capacitors always bulges up on it top,or puff up on it top.Replaced these gases leakages capacitors will get your TV power stable,and work again.Or tries websites like Shopjimmy.com,Ebay.com to buy a whole refurbish power supply board for the replacement.
I hope this will help in solving the problem...

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Hi, let me try to give you a right way to resolve your problem TV
Your tv picture is like double lines?. Can you tell me more about this problem, please?. I will help you. Thank you.

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