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Hi, Jim...

I'm presuming that your heater has a tilt switch that isn't working. Is this right?

Tilt switches used to contain mercury (which has been phased out because it's so toxic). They now contain ball bearings... which may have gotten frozen (especially if you live in a high-humidity area).

I'd first of all open up the heater, identify the switch (generally black plastic, around 1" long by 1/2" wide - something like that) and rotate the heater back & forth... listening for the sound of a ball bearing rolling back & forth. If you don't hear any sound, you can try CAREFULLY knocking the switch housing with, say, a ball-peen hammer to loosen it up.

If this doesn't work, you will probably want to replace the switch. You can find them on Google, ranging from $2-6. If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can easily replace it yourself. Otherwise, find a friend (or take it into a shop) for a very quick & easy fix. Don't forget to epoxy the housing of the switch to the heater, so it doesn't rattle around!

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If you look at the cord it should tell you what kind of wire it is....... If not most of the little heater use 16ga stranded wire rated for 105degree C at 300 volts.

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Like most heaters, this Honeywell ceramic heater has a tip switch designed to turn the heater off if it falls over. Unfortunately, all you need to do is bump the heater and the switch can open. Sometimes the switch will stick and the heater won't come on even when it is upright—sticking during storage could easily happen, particularly if not stored upright. When the switch is stuck on my heater, when I try to tturn it on the yellow and green pilot lamps flash once but nothing happens.

The solution is to rattle it, shake it, and invert it a few times to unsitck the switch. It always works for me. Something probably best done before you get frustrated to the point of shoving it through the floor. Also, if the heater was running when the switch sticks, be sure it cools down so the thermal switch has a chance to come back on.

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These units have thernistors and safeys that prohibit it from operating outside of safe parameters, they are not an economically viable repir item due to cost and parts availability for even a doit yourself type ,the liability in modifying it isnt worth the risk.

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when most ceramic room heaters stop working, the blower is clogged with lint and dust from floor use . get an air compressor, or a can of air. take unit outside using a small head philips driver remove screws while laying on an old sheet .disassemble cover carefully and blow dust away from you and clean blade without bending with a toothbrush in vinegar water not gettting any liquid on the electrical parts. reassemble. thanks karl

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The screws are "Tamper-Proof Torx" head, it takes a special T15H tool bit to remove the screws. I just disassembled one of these non-working units and the problem with this unit is a open diode on the heater element board. Not sure the purpose of the diode, but no voltage is going through it. I doubt if parts are available as I see no link for parts on the website. This unit has been quite hot inside as the plastic mounting peg for the heater element board is melted near the diode area.

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  1. I am thinking of purchasing thhz341bl heater to keep the pipes under mobile home warm for winter. Also can the osilitating be turned off?

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take a heat gun or a blow dryer and preheat thermostat and any conductive leads.
after a few pre-heats it will get the idea!

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Thermostats have multiple issues when you start checking them against thermometers.

1) the built-in thermometer may not match the set temperature because one or both need calibration. Compare the built-in to an external thermometer and see if there is any adjustment to make them match. Record the setting on the thermostat and the temperature when it starts and stops -- there should be a 1-3 degree range which may be adjustable. The set point should be in the middle of the on-off temperature spread.
2) the thermostat has a heat anticipator setting which may be set poorly -- turning off the heat before it reaches the set point - the fan normally runs for 1-2 minutes after the heat source is off. The anticipator is used to stop heating before reaching the set point as there are still a lot of BTUs coming out during the fan run-down -- usually 1-2 minutes.

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Actually the 24 hour time makes it easier to correctly set the thermostat for when you want it to change setting.

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No battery backup in this thermostat.

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You need to remove the thermostat from the wall plate to change the battery. Look on the bottom of the thermostat for a locking screw. Loosen this screw with an appropriate screw driver. Then pull the bottom of the thermostat away from the wall plate and then lift up from the bottom. When you put the thermostat back on, line up the brackets at the top of the thermostat with the slots on the wall plate. Then push the thermostat against the wall plate and tighten the locking screw.

The documentation for the Honeywell RTH2300B1012/U is available on the product page: . Click on the Manuals tab. See page 4 (page 6 of the PDF) for removing the thermostat from the wall plate. See page 9 (11 of the PDF) for replacing the batteries and putting the thermostat back on the wall plate. The current link to the manual is .

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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A manual is what you need to unlock and reprogram the schedule. Keep off the set up steps for the thermostat, only the scheduling and security steps.

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