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Because either the low speed windings or low speed control is kaput.

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Steve I dont know that that is necessary. I have 2 a big heavy monster and a little #12 and I check for full and keep going. I only use mine in winter for sausage and its 50# in 120 sec. not much wear and tear on the lube. I know Hobart has a good web and mobile service here. Mine are Old and I'm guessing yours are too.

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Check the coil in the contactor is getting power . If it is the coil is gone and if not a safety switch or switch is not working somewhere.

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Hi Bill
I may be wrong here......
But I've been around Electricity for a long time.
Have Never seen a device that does phase conversion.
A Building site or home will either have Three Phase or Single Phase Power Available
BUT...A portable (Hired) generator could be "three phase" and you could use any one of those phases individually or all three phases.

I have 3 Phase supply to my house!
But I use 230 volt Single Phase for appliances.
My Bore Pump uses a 3 Phase Motor,
(so with a voltmeter it would read about 440 vAC to the pump motor).
Some Further Info:
A GENERATOR is basically a motor used the opposite way. Rotate a motor and it Generates.
The Phases refer to the THREE Windings in the supplying generator in your suburb.
A Large Magnet passes each winding in sequence giving you the three ripples in the supply.
Our houses can choose to have 1 Phase or Three Phases from the street when you set up your electric supply.
So... to confirm, look at the wires on the supply poles to the premises. Usually three in our area (Oz)
Most people are not aware that a car Alternator is actually three phase. The Rotor is the magnet that rotates.
The only difference with an Alternator is that each "Phase" is connected to 2 Diodes (6 total) to convert the three phase to DC to charge the vehicle.
The Regulator controls the voltage to the Rotor, thereby controlling the output.
So.... An Alternator could in theory supply 3 Phase in a mobile generator. Custom Made. Constant speed would determine the frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz.
Not sure what country you are in

Hope this Helps or gives you food for thought!

Three phase electric power

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Hobart service company in Spokane, WA, and he told me that any 40 weight, non-detergent oil will work. He also suggested it is far cheaper to just get it at a local auto parts store.

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it can but would it not be easier to contact Hobart and get the proper one

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If I remember from the last time I saw inside one they are belt driven. It sounds like yours is slack. There are screws on the top to remove the cover plate. I also vaguely remember a Bakelite laminate cog that has a shear pin. It has been a long time though that I saw the inside but have used them often. I am a chef, qualified in 1971 :-)

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It is overcurrent issue due to low supply volt or batch size too big or VFD is faulty.

Hobart Food... | Answered on Sep 23, 2015 | 294 views

It is over current issue due to low supply voltage or batch size too big or frequency drive shorted.

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Having 9 wires means it is a 3 phase motor.
For 220 to 240 Volts - L1, T1 and T7 go together. L2, T2 and T8 go together. L3, T3 and T9 go together. T4, T5 and T6 go together.

For 440 to 480 Volts - L1 and T1 go together. L2 and T2 go together. L3 and T3 go together. T4 and T7 go together. T5 and T8 go together. T6 and T9 go together.

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Baldor no longer manufactures that motor. Hobart would have to install a kit that includes every electrical component in the machine. Be careful if you find a used one, they have a very fragile encoder on the rear of the motor.

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go google and type in--hobart food mixer manufacturer and there are pages of hobartfood.com.au and hobartcorp.com/products/food-prep/mixers /
all of these pages will have a contact us section where there will be phone numbers and e-mail addresses
contact them direct in a area /country near you and see what is available

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Id contact Hobart. the serial # doesnt use a date code. Hobart Contact Us

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First check- is unit single phase? Check for bad capacitor(s).
- is unit three phase? Check for missing leg(s) or
bad wiring conections.
Next check motor windings and for shorts also if it is mechinal binding up.
If motor is good , check for problems in the drive train.

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If your mixer's power is three phase, switch any two of the power leads to get it to run, turn the other way

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