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I am not sure that exists. I have visited Consumer Reports, the American Kennel Association, PetMD, Wikipedia, Cornell University information, and a number of sites purporting to offer expert or consumer based information.

A dry dog food of 30% protein, fat content of 18% fat, a wide variety of nutritional ingredients such as omega, and an absence off food coloring is a good guide for what to check for a healthy dog. A puppy should have puppy food, a different balance. Dogs with health problems may require special diets; consult a vet.

Here are some dry foods you can look at in terms of what I listed above. (Bear in mind almost all vet schools receive money from pet food manufacturers.)

10 Vet Recommended Dog Food Brands That Are Inexpensive 2017

15 Top Dog Food Brands 2017 Review

Dogs | Answered on Sep 02, 2017 | 1,082 views

no this is fixya a repair -diy -repair informative forum

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The dog tongue is actually very clean. Its not dangerous to have a dog lick you, but I personally, do not like it and tend to wash my hands, lol.

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First thing I would check is the obvious like something that stuck to her paw. Even if you don't see it, you can try slightly squeezing her paw and she seems to be hurt and recoils her paw, that could be the culprit, you have to find a way to get that out. If not hurt, might be an itch caused by a tick or similar. Check between her toes, a very common place for those pest to hide.
If not any of those things, could be anxiety or boredom. Some dogs do that. But iIf she is chewing until she hurts herself, I would check with a vet.

Dogs | Answered on Sep 01, 2017 | 639 views

This artificial sweetner is approved by the FDA for intake by humans. However, for some, it may yield a host of symptoms ranging from an increase in bacterial infections to all sorts of digestive problems. The substance is added to many products as a filler or sweetener. It is a "supplement."

Vets discourage use of supplements by dogs. Is it toxic to dogs? I do not find literature saying it is toxic. That said, if your dog displayed digestive disorders after intake of this, one would think taking the dog off of it would be something to try.

Here is a list of common foods the eating of which may be detrimental to your dog and comments about one sweetener.

People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets

Dogs | Answered on Aug 30, 2017 | 1,060 views

She needs to go to the vet immediately, there is something seriously wrong with your puppy. Is she drinking water and going to the bathroom? Really, to ASAP! Good luck.

Dogs | Answered on Aug 26, 2017 | 801 views

pen them in a mobile pen you move daily keeps them safe also

Dogs | Answered on Aug 25, 2017 | 778 views


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Give your commands in a soft tone of voice. Do not scold the dog when they do not react to your commands. Start with simple commands like sit and come. Reward the dog by giving him a treat or saying "Good boy" and petting him. Soon, the dog will obey all your commands.

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take her to the vet
human food is not bad for a pet if the amount of fat is kept to the minium
excess fat in food causes pancreatitis in animals which results in what you describe including the smell and it is dangerous if not treated by a vet
probably just got a bad tummy ache and if not fed for 24 hours will probably come good again
BUT again , that is a vets call

Dogs | Answered on Jul 18, 2017 | 760 views

They work, sometimes, but if your dog is to picky it doesn't do any good. However, I've had luck sicking it in a small peace of hot dog, just cut the hotdog in to bite size peaces and act like it's a treat. Get the dog excited and doing good and toss him a treat with medicine.
On the other side,
I have 1 dog that nothing works on, not chewables, not hot dog. I have just open his mouth and push the pill back in his throat. For this I purchase the smallest pill I can. I don't like doing it, but if it is back far enough he cant spit it out. If you grab his mouth correctly then you don't have to worry about him biting you either. I do it with a full size Doberman.

Dogs | Answered on Oct 31, 2017 | 1,335 views

have her treated for mange mites
give her fish oil in her meals to increase the oil in her skin
get a different vet

Dogs | Answered on Jul 12, 2017 | 956 views

Let me know when your odor gets out so I can plug my nose.

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So do you have a question or did you just feel like sharing your sleeping habits.

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Do they go the bathroom in the house? They get worms thru contact with infested soil or schitt. If they go outside for even just a bit then they are capable of getting worms.

Dogs | Answered on Jul 04, 2017 | 1,129 views

Fill a large Zip-lock type plastic bag with ice cubes, or get a frozen ice block for a small cooler, wrap it in a cloth, and apply it to the bruise ASAP. Hold it there for 10-20 minutes (you can take it off for a bit if it feels uncomfortably cold). This will reduce the swelling, internal bleeding, pain and discoloration. Repeat as needed to treat discomfort for the first day. After that, you may find a warm compress (hot water bottle) will reduce the stiffness of the muscle. Eat extra salad and protein for the next week to speed the healing process, and do gentle range-of-motion exercises to keep the muscle limber. Back off on running if it hurts; that's a signal that the muscle isn't ready to run yet.

Dogs | Answered on Jul 02, 2017 | 981 views

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