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The solenoid valves, located in the lower back of the refrigerator, where the water line enter the unit has a filter mesh at the inlet. Mineral formation or debris from the tube lines block the water pass and present the symptoms you describe. Also, when units do not have this filter mesh, the mineral deposit and debris obstruct the water valve mechanism and the water flow. If you have good pressure at the valve entrance, but not at the output, replace the solenoid valves.

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You need to evacuate the refrigerant urgent to get the moisture out of your system.When you insert refrigerant ,"let it pass through a drier before it get into your system refrigerator.Only then you have a moisture free refrigerator.Many refrigerant comes with moisture these days but no technicians use a drier to prevent the moisture to fill into the system.They love to see you come back so they can charge you money again.

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That oil is probably compressor oil. If the compressor leaks, you need a new fridge. Sometimes they only leak when they're charged up. That would explain the other symptoms.

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Either damper assembly between fridge and freezer is not working correctly or the thermostat is bad

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Possible defrost timer or thermostat failure.

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When a fridge is first installed it is important it is adjusted to stand level and firm. If it was transported upright and hadn't been laid down it could then be switched on but if it had been laid down during transit or during installation it should be left to stand before switching on - some authorities say four hours and others say longer.

Failure to do either of these things can cause accelerated wear of the compressor and that could be the reason for the humming noise and vibration.

A friend has the same problem with his fridge and he freely admits it was never properly levelled. It began vibrating years ago for a short time when it starts but apart from that it continues to work quite well.

Just to be on the safe side of fairly sure, it would be a good idea to check the security of the compressor and fixings...

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Ice maker won't work if compressor will not run, of course. I would suspect the main circuit board if there was a bad surge of electricity, or the problem could be at the compressor, i.e., a bad relay, overload, or start capacitor.

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The panel comes off some snap off others have a couple screws hidden under the drip tray. After removing the outer panel, you will see some screws holding the paddle in place.

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Good Morning Friend,

I understand that the ice maker in your Frigidaire refrigerator, model# FRS26H5AS, is not making ice and is leaking water onto your freezer shelves. Please make sure that your freezer is cold enough. Your freezer should be set at a temperature of 0 degrees F. I ask that you please follow up with a comment on the post, at your convenience, to advise if further troubleshooting is needed or if your appliances status has changed successfully. Hope this is helpful.

-Best Regards-

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Good Afternoon Friend,

I understand that you are receiving a 56 code on the display of your Frigidaire refrigerator, model# FRS26H5AS. I also see that it is not dispensing ice or water, even though you have reset it by unplugging it. The 56 is actually SB. This tells me that your refrigerator is in Sabbath mode. To exit the Sabbath mode, press and hold the down arrow and the plus sign, simultaneously for 5-10 seconds or until the display changes. I ask that you please follow up with a comment on the post, at your convenience, to advise if further troubleshooting is needed or if your refrigerator status has changed successfully. Hope this is helpful.

-Best Regards-

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your ice solenoid is frozen. It is located behind the ice bucket next to the auger motor. It will need to be removed, unfrozen, and squirt a little wd40 to prevent it from happening again

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Hello Linda, I am happy to assist you!

I understand you are seeking a manual for your Frigidaire refrigerator, LGUS2642LF1. I have successfully located the Owner's Guide. I hope this information helps to some degree. Should you need further assistance please feel free to reconnect!

Frigidaire Manual Search Results

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Hi Charlie, thank you for allowing me to assist you!

Your new high-efficiency refrigerator may make unfamiliar sounds. These are all normal sounds and soon will become common to you. This also indicates your refrigerator is operating as designed. Hard surfaces, such as vinyl or wood floors, walls, and kitchen cabinets may make sounds more noticeable. If the noise, however, become louder or more pronounced, then you may want to connect with a local appliance technician to determine if anything else may be the cause.

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Good Afternoon Joe, thank you for your post!

I understand the water dispenser of your Frigidaire refrigerator is not working. First, I suggest checking that the water valve is completely open (typically located on the back of your refrigerator). Second, when was the last time the filter was changed? Most side-by-side filters are recommended to be change approximately every 6-9 months depending on your water usage and frequency. Also keep in mind that a clogged water filter or a blocked supply water valve may also lead to no water to the dispenser. If that is not the issue, than your refrigerator could possibly have a faulty valve, dispenser control board and/or failed water valve diode. Generally it is a good idea to have a professional take a look at it to get to the root cause. Cost of parts and technical expertise entailed in these types of replacements can be a bit tricky.

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You have a defrost issue. Either replace the timer or fix the heating element or thermal cutoff next to it

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If it behind the ice maker more than likely its the evaporator fan that is making the noise.

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Hi M - I am happy to assist you! Error codes SY/EF is commonly refer to a failure with the evaporator fan circuit. Let's try resetting the refrigerator by either unplugging it or flipping the household circuit breaker to the off position. It is important to wait roughly ten minutes and then turn the unit back on. If resetting the power does not correct the issue, then more than likely there is a potential wiring failure between the main control board and evaporator fan. In this regard, I would personally suggest to reaching out to a repair tech to further evaluate and repair you appliance. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reconnect.

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Its under warranty. You do not have to return it. The problem might be resolved easily be the sales company's technician.

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Yes, if your evap is fully frosted, and the fan is not working. The frosted evap will keep it cold but since the fan cant move the cold air from the evap it'll be cold, but not as cold as you'd like.
there is the screen you need to order a new fan motor. option number 13 is the fan motor. lmk if u need more help!

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