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Clean the frigidaire properly and if you the complete process how to check freezer then only try to open internal part. Or else you can contact any professional person who can fix the issue with frigidaire

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If water is not passing through the filter properly, it will leak.

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We have no idea. What did repair man say it needed?

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Add a 3/4" x 1" or so clear piece of tubing slid over the existing fill tube. (available at any big box hardware store) I had the same issue until I installed this. You just want it long enough to pass the top lip of the ice tray. Mine was too short and water would run down the inside of the freezer and was a mess. I would also recommend cutting the bottom end at a 40 or so degree angel as it makes getting the ice maker module out a tad easier if you need to remove it.
Don't push too hard sliding the clear tubing over the existing tube,. Mine wasn't mounted very well inside the freezer cavity and you could actually push it further in.

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Check the water valve at the back of fridge. Are you getting water at the dispenser on the door? If so, the water valve may not be bad, but sometimes water will freeze in the tube that fills the icemaker. Pull it out from the back of the fridge and check it.Hope this helps !

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Sounds like ice maker is bad.

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Sounds like the heater is overacting.

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The coiled line is used for chilling the cold water dispenser. Most of the time they are hidden from view,


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its not DIY stuff to replace compressor. here is my video how i do it. replacing little compressor. pretty similar to any residential refrigerators.

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You refrigerator is low on charge....

Refrigerator Condenser Coil Cleaning Refrigerator Repair

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It's hard to pinpoint many issues without actually seeing the unit Appliance Repair in Tampa Call 813 701 2335

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Hi Friend, this is Z. Thank you for your inquiry!

If your Frigidaire refrigerator (FRS26R4A) is not cooling properly, it could have floating restriction in the line or something more complicated like an issue with the sealed system that only a professional can repair. This can include the compressor not working, the evaporator fan not turning, or even coolant in the lines at incorrect levels to properly cool. It is typically normal to hear the compressor running, humming, or even to be a little warm. However, if you do not hear the compressor at all, I suggest cleaning your refrigerator out including the coils you can reach (typically located in the bottom behind the toe grille) and make sure no food items are blocking any vents in your appliance. Also try checking and see if the door seal is bad; place a dollar bill between the body of the freezer and the door. Now close the door. The dollar bill should stay in place and pull out with a small amount of resistance. If the dollar bill falls out when placed between the gasket and cabinet double check to see if the door is being blocked by anything stopping it from closing. If any of these suggestions prove to be ineffective, connect with a professional to accurately pinpoint any potentially more serious issues. Best!

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Good Afternoon Friend,

I understand you want to know where the water filter is located on your Frigidaire refrigerator, model# FRS24WSCB. The water filter is located in the top back right-hand corner. To change filter follow the instructions below:

It is not necessary to turn the water supply off to change the filter.

1. Set ice maker lever (wire signal arm) to the OFF (up) position.
2. Hold filter cup firmly, and unscrew counter clockwise. (Some water could leak out as you remove cup. This is normal.) Filter cartridge should come down with cup. If cartridge remains in housing, pull down gently, while twisting filter back and forth.
3. Empty cup of any substance.
4. The large o-ring that seals the filter system sets in the o-ring groove down inside the cup. Should the o-ring fall out during filter cartridge replacement, simply place it back in the groove prior to screwing the cup back in place. If the o-ring becomes damaged, you will need to order a new one from the Consumer Assistance Center.
5. Discard old filter cartridge.
6. Remove new filter cartridge from packaging, and install.
7. Place filter cartridge in cup. The end with the small o-ring should be up, out of the cup.
8. Screw cup, with filter, back onto housing. Do Not Use Wrench To Reinstall Cup. Filter cartridge will self-align as cup is tightened. Be sure cup is completely tightened with PureSource Plus Logo facing outward. Do Not Tighten Past Stop.
9. Set ice maker level on the ON (down) position.
10. Check for leaks. Open refrigerator door. Wipe any water drops from the filter cup. Run a glass of water. If there is a leak, unscrew filter cup, and reinsert the filter cartridge. Check placement of large O-ring. Reinstall filter cup, making certain it is tightened completely.
11. To condition filter system and purge air from water line, run several glasses of water through water dispenser. This will also assure that the purest water possible is stored in water tank.

I ask that you please follow up with a comment on the post, at your convenience, to advise if further troubleshooting is needed or if your appliances status has changed successfully. Hope this is helpful.

-Best Regards-

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Good Morning Friend,

You want to disable your crushed ice maker on your Frigidaire refrigerator, model# FRS26R4A. You will need to push the "Cube" button for the ice dispenser to stop dispensing crushed ice. I ask that you please follow up with a comment on the post, at your convenience, to advise if further troubleshooting is needed or if your appliances status has changed successfully.

-Best Regards-

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Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with yourrefrigerator and why it is not cooling

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if the food in the fridge side is freezing it sounds like the damper door isn't closing,the way it works is cold air is produced in the freezer side,the evaporator fan blows the cold air from the freezer to the fridge side and it blows through the damper assy. if the damper door isn't closing youll have sub zero air constantly blowing into the fridge sidethe part number is 5304482075 but it's around 200 can go here to sears and look up the parts or call a tech in to check it out

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Good Morning Friend,

I understand the ice maker will not dispense ice on your Frigidaire refrigerator, model# FRS26R4A. I also see that there is no hum and it does not seem to be getting power. I suggest resetting your appliance, by either unplugging it or shutting the power off at your home's circuit breaker, for 3-5 minutes. When power is restored, try getting water out of the dispenser as well as ice. I ask that you please follow up with a comment on the post, at your convenience, to advise if further troubleshooting is needed or if your refrigerator status has changed successfully. Hope this is helpful.

-Best Regards-

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Good Morning Friend,

I understand that your Frigidaire refrigerator, model# FRS26R4A, stopped making ice. Here are a couple of suggestions you may try, to get your ice maker to produce ice.

    1)Make sure that the wire signal arm, inside the bucket area, is in the down or ON position.
    2)Make sure your household water line valve is open and on.
    3)Make sure your freezer is cold enough.
    4)Make sure the water dispenser is dispensing water. If not, the ice & water filter cartridge is clogged or restricted by foreign material, and must be replaced.
    I hope this is helpful.

    -Best Regards-

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water will condense and then freeze in the fan area. Need to remove freezer inside back panel and remove ice from fan area. Fan is located abot @/3 down on right side. No permanent fix I have to do it about every three months.

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

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