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wii console will not eject disk

my wii console will not eject the disk that is in the cd tray.

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I managed to eject a WII disc out manually very easily:
- Disconnect the drive
- You see the white plastic mechanism on your right side and the wheel connected to the motor
- turn the wheel towards the back side of the drive while pushing the half inch square plastic piece towards the left.
You will see the disc coming out while you are turning the wheel.

Posted on Apr 22, 2008


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Wii Remote Control Stopped Working

I have a new problem with my wii remote it stopped sending signals, the light works by the remote seem to have no effect. I have new batteries and until now everything worked fine, I have my Wii console for 3 months. Any ideas how to fix this?

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This happened to my son. I did some reading and found out you have to resynchronize the remote. This is from the manual
1) Press the Power button on the Wii console to turn it on.
2)Remove th battery cover on the back of the remote and press the SYNC. button inside the cover. The Player LEDs will blink.
3)Open the SD Card Slot cover on the front of the Wii console and press the SYNC button on the inside of the compartment
4)When the Player LED blinking stops,connection is complete. The LED that is illuminated indicates the player number.
This procedure must be followed for each additional Wii remote added to your system.

This worked for me, hope it helps you.

Posted on Oct 03, 2008


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An error has occurred please press the eject button and remove the disk. turn the wii console off and refer to the manual'

An error has occurred please press the eject button and remove the disk. turn the wii console off and refer to the manual'

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I blew the Wii out with an air blower and all was well.  Apparently dust settled on the optic.

Posted on Jul 01, 2008


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Wii gone black and white, no colour

Turned it on, only 4 days old, everythings black and white, games play ok but in a grainy black and white

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I bought a wii a few days ago and like everybody else mine too was in black and white with a grainy picture. I have a Panasonic lcd flat screen and thought I had connected it corrected, I got somebody out to have a look at it and found out there are some connections on the side of the TV which I hadn't even noticed before, once I put the red white and yellow leads in these and set the TV to AV3 everything is in perfect colour. Hope this works for some of you.

Posted on Jan 25, 2009


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my wii won't turn on

When I was playing the lights went off and then I tried to turn on the wii but it wouldn't turn on even with the plugs connected.

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This should fix your problem. Disconnect all the cords from the system. You need to unplug the ac adapter/power cord from your wwi system and from the electrical socket /or power surge protecter bar. It should not be connected to any thing! Let it sit unconecteded for about 5 minutes. This should reset it. Then replug the adapter/power cord back in to electical outlet and to the wii system. Then press the power button on the wii, it should turn back on. Your problem should be fixed. Then you can replug the rest of the cords back in for the system. If this does not work I suggest that you buy a new ac adapter/power cord, there could be a short in the one you have, before you send in your system to be fixed or spend a lot of money for a new wwi system. You can buy a new ac adapter/power cord on ebay for about 5 to 10 dollors usually with free shipping. I hope that this has helped you fix the problem. Posted by Motherbowen on June 17th, 2009.

Posted on Jun 17, 2009


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Wii Black Screen

This is a common problem I see...however mine is a little more...odd.

My wii doesn't even show anything. Ever. It turns on and nothing shows up. Black screen.

Oddly enough, the sound works. This is leading me to believe that it has something to do with it being on HD mode? I had it hooked up to an HD tv at home but now at college it's on standard. Is there any way to change it to standard without...having a screen to look at?

Or is this a different problem in general?

Thank you!!!

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i put the wii on, powers up but i get a total black screen. wiimote does not connect either. what can i do to resolve this?
i have already disconnected all wires and connections, left it off for hours and tried putting it on again. no change. Black screen still remains. HELPPPP

Posted on Aug 09, 2009


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Wii / No Power

Try to play my Wii today and can't get any power, I've messed with the plug
moved it to another room, Only 5 mo. old still fairly new unit how's come I can't get any power.

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or you can remove all of the plugs from the console: AC, remote sensor, AV. This is important: You must also unplug the AC from the electrical outlet. Then wait 45 seconds, then plug the AC adapter back into the wall and your console. Power On.

Posted on Apr 19, 2008


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Wii LED Green, but no Startup on screen. Cannot power off either.

The LED on my brother's wii turns green when you press it, but the console doesn't startup; the screen stays black. Pressing the power button once its green won't power it off either. I plugged in my wii right next to his using the exact same cables and setup his was using and mine works, so its not the cables.

When trying to sync remotes with my brother's wii they won't sync so I can't tell if there is an audio/video issue since I can't reach the menu screen.

We played on his wii last night so I really don't understand what is wrong. He has owned it for over a year now.

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Just spoke to Nintendo Technical support.  Seems the rub is in the AC adapter itself.
Need to power down at both ends of the AC adapter--unplug AC adapter from wall output AS WELL AS from back of Wii.
Wait at least two minutes to allow any charge in the adapter itself to dissapate.  Plug adapter into wall first, then back into the Wii, making sure your peripherals (eg AV receiver, TV, projector if using) are already on.
Tech support says sometimes you get a partially tripped "fuse" within the AC adapter itself.
This seems to have worked for now--will let the forum know if further problems

Posted on Jul 27, 2008


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wii remote hand not showing up on screen

well today i bought the wii fit and as i installed it ma wii remote doesnt respond or anything .. the lights flash but i dnt see the hand on the screen and i really want to play with the wii fit .. plz help

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on the front of the wii theres a red button you have to keep you finger on that for 5 seconds and try again this has to be done everytime u have to sinc a different device.

Posted on May 08, 2008


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Check the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting

The Wii works with games downloaded and on the internte but any game that is a disc will not load. We receive this error.

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well ur error might be that ur disc is dirty or scratched... u might not be putting the disc in right ( if it is standing vertical face the disc label to the right... if it is horizontal, the face the label up). idk that is all i can think of.. and u probably r doing thos things right ... i hope this helped

Posted on May 07, 2008

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