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press and hold help button for 10 sec..

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It is a skilled work. If you wish to get more details about this kind of work, check this link. Pull up older posts there.

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If the lamp life has exceded its safe working limit, it will probably go into a permanent standby mode, I used to have an NEC MT830, I had to hold down the off button for 20 seconds to reset the lamp life, maybe it will be something similar. If you have your manual, it may give instructions, if not there will be a downloadable manual on the NEC website.

Good luck

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I have had the same problem with my NEC VT695, however, while trying to repair it, I actually broke off two pieces, first the arm that is attached to the lamp cover that depresses the button, and then the actual button itself. Does anyone know any way to bypass this need to have the lamp cover seated 'properly'?

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You'll need the remote control of the projector. On the remote, press the HELP button and hold down for 10 seconds.

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if Power is flashing orange - then it's cooling down

if Status is flashing red - then there are 4 flash combinations.
1 cycle (0.5sec On, 2.5sec Off) lamp cover or housing error
2 cycle (0.5sec On, 0.5sec Off) temperature error
4 cycle (0.5sec On, 0.5sec Off) fan(s) error
6 cycle (0.5sec On, 0.5sec Off) lamp error

Which is your condition?

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Check the screws are all screws properly fitted.Also check if you have re -fitted the lamp cover properly and fitted the screws properly/.If the lamp cover is not secured properly then new lamp will not get detected. After the lamp is replaced.You need to reset the lamp hours. select the menu then ---reset then--- clear lamp hours ---- to reset lamp usage hours. ------------- The power light is orange.This means that projector is cooling down.----------------- The status light is blinking red.This means that there are few possibilities.How many times the light is blinking count that.------- 1) If status light is just blinking 1 time.This means that lamp cover is not properly closed or the lamp housing is not properly fixed or the lamp housing is got shorted.the new lamp has to be placed properly,other wise it get burned in few minutes.Check the lamp placement and lamp cover fitting.If any thing is not properly seated then the status light blinks only one time.----- 2) If the status light blinks 2 times then its temperature error,the projector needs to be placed in cooling area like in the ac room or near to cool place like near the open window.Or you can externally place the fan to the back of projector.This cools the internal overheated temperature.This has to be done if there are 2 blinks on status indicator light. ---------------- 3) If the status indicator light blinks 4 times then its internal fan error.The fan is not working.There is a fan in the projector.This fan cools the lamp assembly and controls the temperature.If this fan stops running then lamp gets over heated and temperature increases and status light will give indication by 4 blinks.Many a times fan gets obstructed by dirt collected inside or the ventilations in the projector gets blocked.Check the ventilations too.---------- 4) If the status indicator light blinks 6 times then this is indication of lamp error.Turn the projector off,remove the lamp and reconnect it properly then turn it on again. -------------------------------------- If the lamp indicator light is blinking or steady red,then this is indication of lamp replacement.---------- But as you mentioned that you replace the lamp so lamp is new.In some cases new lamp comes faulty.Get it replaced.But if lamp is ok then check the fan, the ventilations,the placement of lamp.Place the lamp to cool place.Check the lamp and lamp cover fittings. Every thing should be proper.But if all things checked out ok then yes your replacement lamp is faulty.You will have to get it replaced.Always buy original lamp,in case if you have ordered compatible lamp,then in some cases compatible lamp will not support your projector.The original always works. ---------------- If you require user manual for your nec projector then click the link below:--- ----------- the troubleshooting guide is mentioned on page number 55.------------ This should help.thanks.Helpmech.

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Slide panel out half an inch. Using thumb and index finger squeeze end of cover and pull out

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I hope you have fixed it by now but just in case, go to menu and select the reverse option. It is set for rear projection at the moment.
Hope that helps.

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There is a good chance that the problem may due to overheating. The status light would be blinking when it turns off.
Remember to disconnect the mains supply before working on the projector..
You should ensure that there is adequate ventilation and air flow around the projector, and that it is not in a very hot or humid room. Clean the air filters, using a vacuum cleaner. You should not need to remove the filter to clean it. Do not wash the internal sponge filter. It's better to replace it with a new one. The air filters are located on the side of the projector nearest the lens, one at the front and one at the rear.

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just press power button to turn on or off (twice to turn off)

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A yellowing image, especially if it's circular in shape indicates the BLUE LCD polarizer is burned from overheating or just a lot of hours on it & it needs to be replaced to make the yellow go away. You can purchase a new filter from hundreds of online retailers. Just do a search on Google for "NEC VT595 Filter"
If you're interested I do replace the polarizer filter panels. I have parts in stock for the NEC VT595. The repair quote is $50 & if you have it repaired the $50 is put toward the repair. The repair will include cleaning all the LCD panels, filters, lenses, etc. on the inside which will bring back the original sharp picture again. If you like you can email me at for more information on having it repaired.
Thank You,
Jim Peters
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We had this same problem. In our case it turned out that a little bit of plastic broke off of a tab on the inside of the plastic lamp cover. Without that piece it was not pressing against the sensor that tells the projector that the lamp cover is closed. Without that, it doesn't start. We got it working again by drilling a little hole and sticking a screw through that spot to replace the missing plastic, but I'd rather replace the cover if I could. Really dumb that a little piece of plastic can mess up thousands of dollars worth of equipment (Smartboard 2000i).

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VT 595 the focus knob won't turn appears frozen other then that it works well

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Here is the user manual for this projector, It should help with all your questions.

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Check the air filter and if it has an air filter counter, you may need to reset it.

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Check your owners manual for diagnostics. You can find all documentation for your VT595/695 projector on the NEC support site.

The users guide indicates that the lamp timer needs to be reset. Instructions can be found on page 49 of the users guide.

Press and hold the HELP button on the remote control for 10 seconds to reset the timer.

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I found a site with a manual and looked it up - Thanks

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if you remove the lamp, inside the lamp housing you will see a refraction (fly-eye) lens. these evenly distribute the lamp light. the one on the other side from the one you see (there are always 2 lenses) is probably burnt and needs replacing (a common problem with lcd projectors). you will have to send it in to nec. in many of their projectors, both lenses are in one assembly.

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The power on the outlet is not regulated. Or if you are using RCA AV cable, replace a good quality one. Its signal interference.

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