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Have you tried changing the height adjustment? There should be a knob or lever that allows you to adjust the height of the beater brush to accommodate different carpet lengths. Even with a new belt, the brush will not spin if the height is too low. Try adjusting it all the way up, then while it is running, adjust it down until there is some resistance. The beater brush should just barely scrape the top of your carpet.

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The reset button does not have a significant amount of movement in response to pressing to with a paper clip or ball point pen. If the vacuum does not start upon pressing the button, then either the thermal protection circuit is not why the vacuum stopped in the first place or the reason the thermal protection circuit tripped has not been cleared. Quoting from the manual

"Your Riccar vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a Manual Reset Thermal Fuse Protector. This thermal protector is designed to protect your vacuum cleaner from overheating due to a restriction in airflow (i.e. clogged hose, operating the vacuum without a bag). Should this situation occur, the thermal fuse protector will safely shut off the vacuum cleaner to avoid any potential damage. NOTE: To determine it was the thermal fuse protector that turned off your vacuum
cleaner, please refer to the vacuum cleaner's headlight. If the headlight is on while the motor is off, then the thermal fuse protector did safely shut down the motor. If both the headlight and motor are off, then there is some reason other than the thermal protector (i.e. pulled plug) your vacuum is off.
To reset the thermal fuse:
. Unplug the vacuum cleaner

  1. Check for problem - over-filled bag, clog in hose, clogged filters, etc.
  2. Correct problem
  3. Locate "tripped" fuse - the small white button located on the bottom of the back side of the main body (roughly one inch to the right of the left wheel)
  4. Using a pencil, paper clip or other pointed object, push the reset button in
  5. Plug vacuum cleaner in and resume use"

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heres a manual it should tell you how to do it :)

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The reset button is on the lower back of the vacuum

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In my experience the Riccar requires reset when it has ingested something that jams the roller such as the fringe of an Oriental carpet. Be sure to clear any such obstruction, then I use a ball point pen to press the button. It does not move very far to accomplish a reset.

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Turn the unit over take out the 2 screws and remove the plate.

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sometimes that can happen if the pores in the bag are clogged, as might happen if you have been vacuuming very fine dust like wallboard dust. this means that the bag might be functionally full, even though it still appears un-full. also, check the hose for a clog, because that can also give a false indication light.

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Remove the bottom plate after laying the vacuum upside down, make sure it's not plugged in first. Pull the brush roll out of the nozzle housing, put the new belt around the motor shaft and then the brush roll, pull on the brush roll to give you enough leverage to install the brush roll back into place, reinstall the bottom plate.

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If it's been over a year since you've replaced the belt that is the first place to start. Stretch belts lose elasticity and will still turn the brush roll but when the brush roll is lowered to the carpet it may not turn fast enough to pick up properly. If you have good suction at the end of the hose check to make sure there is not an obstruction in the tube where the hose goes into the bottom of the vacuum to the brush roll. Make sure your filters are replaced at least once per year and the bag is not full or has a lot of fine powder dust in it which can clog the bag.

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Recline the handle backward. There are two little catches on the filter cover, pull them to remove the cover. Remove the filter and replace.

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Remove the bag door cover, remove the screws holding the cover over the switch and wires coming into the body of the vacuum. Remove two screws holding the cord in place, unhook the old cord and install the new one the same way the old on was

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On a Radiance you will need to remove the screws going through the bottom of the vacuum nozzle housing which hold the cover on. Remove the cover and remove the screws holding the cover that goes from the brush roll to the lower motor. When you remove this cover tpyou will be able to see into the fan of the lower direct air motor to remove the obstruction. If it is in too far. You may have to pull the motorand open up the fan. This is not a hard thing to do but. If you have never done it, it can be a confusing job that may be best left to your Riccar dealer.

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Remove the screws holding the bottom plate on. Remove bottom plate. If it's an 8955 or model with clutch to shut off the brush roll remove the rod that goes from the lever to the clutch. Look closely how the rod and brush roll are positioned in the vacuum so you can reinstall it the same way. Remove the brush roll and install the new belt and then put back together as it was.

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The bearings in the brush roll can be replaced if. It has the metal brush roll. Remove the cotter pin to remove end caps and remove the shaft. Remove the plastic bearing holder on the belt end or the metal bearing holder on. The other end.

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The spring is part of the silver power cord clip that you flip around at the top of the handle to release the power cord that has been stored in a coil sour the fixed position plastic hook at the bottom of the handle and this one at the top. There is a long silver screw that goes through a washer then through this clip. The clip is in two parts, the hook or clip that rotates and a saddle that is stationary against the handle. The spring then goes on the screw under the saddle and finally is skewed into the handle.

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Remove the dust compartment door to gain access to the cover over the wiring and switch compartment. Remove three screws to gain access to be able to remove the old power cord and slide it through the hole in the back of the vacuum. Put new cord through the hole and wire back up as it was before.

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Remove the bottom plate, remove the clutch switch lever, remove the brush roll. Install new belt and reassemble in reverse procedure.

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The switch is activated by the lever you push in the handle. Start by tightening the screw holding the handle in. If that doesn't solve it remove the bag door and the screws holding the cover above the bag to gain access to the switch compartment. If you can't figure it out in there take it to your Riccar dealer

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If there is a green wire it is a ground. For the basic switch the other two do not matter as it only interrupts the circuit.

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