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You are going to need a new timer for the dryer.

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This should help ....
Frigidaire Dryer Error Code E68 How to Troubleshoot and Repair

Good luck on your trouble shooting!

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There is a piece of felt with 3 pads on it that the drum rides on. Those pads wear over time. It is located near top of door panel. That panel will need to be removed to replace felt.

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Are you mechanically inclined? You may have several problems. 1st, heating element is most likely burnt out. Then I would check ball and socket assembly that back of drum fits into. Also check felt in front of machine that drum rides on. May need competent service person on this.

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If you are having problems with your gas dryer not heating the most common problem is that the ignitor goes bad. Even though it glows sometimes it is still not working properly.

if you dryer is gas check out this gas no heat tip....

If you have an electric dryer, you can have many different things that can go wrong causing the dryer not to heat.

check out this electric no heat tip...


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If you replaced the control panel with the a new one with the exact same part number - check your connections / plugs to be sure you didn't reverse or swap one by accident.

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Gas Dryer no heat: or shuts down soon after heating CHECK:

Thermal Fuse
If the air flow in the dryer is restricted, the temperature in the heating chamber can get hot enough to blow the thermal fuse. If the fuse blows, it cuts power to the coils that control the gas valve. The fuse is usually mounted to the exhaust duct just inside the back panel. You can check its continuity with an ohmmeter. If, after disconnecting the fuse, you get any reading other than 0 when you touch the leads of the meter to its terminals, it has blown. There's no way to restore it -- you'll have to install a replacement.

Igniter and Gas Valve Coils
TEST with a multi meter: The igniter is an electric conductor that works like the element in an electric heater, glowing hot enough to ignite gas when you turn on the dryer. This conductor can burn out, and when it does, it may glow, but it won't get hot enough to ignite the gas. At times it may give a reading of continuity yet fail mechanically and not get hot enough to ignite flame though it gets hot and glows and even may show Ohms or continuity ( close circuit) ?

Occasionally, the Gas safety valve and the electric coils that control the gas valve are defective -- they can wear out when the dryer gets old. When this happens, the igniter glows, but gas never enters the heating chamber or does not stay consistant.
Performing a continuity test on either part will help you determine whether or not you need to replace it. But the coils should also be tested for amount of resistance as well as Ohms. As they may be showing ohms yet not putting out enough resistance to keep proper gas pressure flowing. Most coils should show at least 1300 ohms ( GIVE OR TAKE 150 OHMS). Anything significantly less Thus u get an ignition but then it soon goes back out. The flame does not stay lit.

Air Flow and Heat
The motor that drives the tumbler also drives a fan that circulates air through the heating chamber and the tumbler and expels it through the vent. If the air can't circulate, perhaps because of lint blockage, the heating chamber overheats, which prompts the cycling thermostat to turn off the gas. The thermostat resets when the chamber cools, but the chamber heats up quickly and the thermostat again shuts off the gas. The result is that the temperature in the tumbler doesn't stay hot, and your clothes take longer to dry, if they get dry at all.

There's a big difference between a dryer that doesn't heat up at all and one that just doesn't get hot enough to dry your clothes. In the first instance, the problem is usually a defective part, and things should be back to normal after you replace it. In the second instance, the problem is caused by restricted air flow, and you need to clear the lint filter and vents and take steps to prevent lint build-up. If you don't, you'll use more energy for drying than you need and the dryer may continue to malfunction. Worse, you may have a dryer fire.

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ELECTRIC Dryer no heat or little heat, or shuts down to fast:

Check your venting and lint basket. Check blower for lint build up and blower wheel obstruction., test by trying to turn the wheel manually by hand (should be easy) May have to remove cabinet or front/back plate to get to it)

Next check the heating element itself with a meter for continuity OHMS CLOSED CIRCUIT. If not its defective or has a short if its grounding out? Which in turns causes blown fuses or thermostats or overheating.

Check dryer Terminal block prongs both outside prongs should give combined 220, and 110 each if u check 1 outside & 1 center (ground) prong. Also check house electrical outlet for full voltage. 220 because if u only get half or 110 volts you will be able to run the machine which uses only 110 to run motor but not the heater which uses a full 220,

Check the thermal cut off, the cycling and the hi limit thermostats.
For continuity or OHMS. If no ohms or resistance they need replacement.

In some dryer's the control panel relies on a thermistor rather than a CYCLING thermostat to regulate the drum's air temperature by monitoring the component's resistance changes; resistance goes down as temperature increases and up when temperature decreases. Once the drum's air temperature reaches a certain level required to dry clothes, the control panel shuts off the heater. The panel will turn the heater on again and begin another heating cycle when the thermistor indicates that more heat is needed to keep the air temperature constant inside the drum

Lastly check your moister sensor. ( located inside the dryer door usually) Especially if machine seems to shut down early and clothes are still wet.
Test with a meter at room temperature and it should show continuity.
A failed moisture sensor will affect the dryer run time in the automatic moisture sensing cycle but it will not affect the heating of the dryer or the timed cycle. Which are reflected by the thermostats.

Read more :

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read the whole manual no code e61 ?


1. Rotate cycle selector knob to the 3 O'clock position.

2. Press and hold the Select and Pause Cancel buttons simultaneously for six seconds.

3. Immediately after, press and hold the START and Pause Cancel buttons simultaneously for 4 seconds.

4. Rotate the cycle selector knob to the 2 O'clock position. The four indicator lights of Drying, Cool Down, Wrinkle Rid

(Press Saver), and Clean Lint Filter will flash the number of times for the first digit of the code and the START indicator

light will flash the number of times for the second digit. Take separate counts of each indicator light, then repeat to

confirm in order to be accurate in identifying the proper error code. The code is obtained by counting the number of times

the lights flash. Example E24: The four indicator lights would flash twice indicating the 2 and the START indicator light

will flash four times indicating the 4. The four indicator lights and the START indicator light start flashing at the same

time. The control will pause for 2 seconds, then repeat the code.

NOTE: A letter appearing in the code stands for a number higher than nine. A = 10 B = 11 C = 12 D = 13 E = 14 F = 15

Example Code E4A: the first digit would be 4 and the second digit would be 10. The four indicator lights would blink four

times and the START indicator light would blink ten times. Troubleshoot the problem by using the chart below.

To move on to the next code, press the OPTIONS button.

To clear code, press the Select button. Code will be cleared when mode is exited.

To exit this mode, simultaneously press and hold the Select and Pause Cancel buttons for six seconds.

Error Code Label Description Solution

E10 General EEPROM


Problem with communication

between EEPROM and the


Clear code, exit mode and start dryer. If problem persists, replace electronic


E11 Checksum Error Problem with communications or

memory did not check, one has

become corrupted.

Clear code, exit mode and start dryer. If problem persists, replace electronic


E12 Non fatal R/W


Problem reading or writing to the

memory or input/output.

Clear code, exit mode and start dryer. If problem persists, replace electronic


E24 Control NTC Short


Control thermistor or its wiring is


Remove wires from control thermistor. Measure resistance of thermistor. If

reading is not 50 K (± 10%), replace thermistor. If reading is within 50 K (±

10%), check wiring between thermistor and electronic control. If good,

replace electronic control.

E25 Control NTC Open


Control thermistor or its wiring is


Remove wires from control thermistor. Measure resistance of thermistor. If

reading is not 50 K (± 10%), replace thermistor. If reading is within 50 K (±

10%), check wiring between thermistor and electronic control. If good,

replace electronic control.

E4A Program Timeout


The drying time has exceeded

program time for that cycle.

Press Pause Cancel and SELECT buttons for 6 seconds to exit test modes.

Position cycle selector to NORMAL, temperature selector to HIGH HEAT

and touch START. Check for anything that would extend dry times such as:

no heat, restricted vent, blower fan blade broken or loose, dryer installed in

closet with solid door, or bad connection in moisture sensor bar circuit or

dirty bars. If dryer operates normally but code returns, replace electronic


E5B Heater Fault (no


Temperature reading of control

thermistor has not changed in a

certain amount of time.

Position cycle selector to NORMAL, temperature selector to HIGH HEAT

and touch START. Measure voltage across terminals on relay RL2 (heater

relay) on electronic control. If meter reads 240V on electric models and

120V on gas models, replace electronic control. If meter reads zero, remove

power from dryer. Disconnect wire going to NO terminal on the relay RL2.

Reconnect power and measure voltage drop between terminal COM on

relay RL2 and neutral. If meter reads zero, wire between incoming line and

relay RL2 is open. If meter reads 120V, check the rest of the heater circuit.

E68 Key (button) Struck


One of the keys (buttons) is stuck

closed (active).

Enter function test mode and perform key (button) test to determine which

button is at fault. Carefully free the and perform the test again. If button is

free but the key struck code still exists, replace electronic control.

E8C Too many trips in a

period of time.

The safety (high limit) thermostat

has tripped too many times within

a certain period of program time.

Check for blocked lint filter, blocked exhaust, air leaks around air duct,

broken blower fan blades, worn or loose drum seals, dryer installed in closet

with solid doors or door seal not correctly seated.

EAF Watch Dog Reset Microcontroller has been reset by

internal Watchdog timer.
Clear code, exit mode and start dryer. If problem persists, replace electronic

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There are 2 areas to check for this dryer drum. The back center bearing looks like a small trailer hitch ball which is attached to the drum. It fits into a plastic socket on the back wall of the dryer. To remove the drum, you need to take the dryer front off and disconnect the belt that goes around the drum. Then use the belt as a handle and yank up the back of the drum to lift the ball of the drum out of the socket. The plastic socket is what usually wears but you can get a complete kit including the ball and socket for about $20. While the drum is out, look at the inside edge of the drum opening. Should be a white plastic bearing strip completely around the opening.If cracked or missing replace those also. Should be 2 strips. Thats all that supports the drum in the front.

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check the dryer vent lines and hose for to be clean in restart dyer to see if it work

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My name is Peter. I am a retired field service appliance technician.

You did not provide a model number, so I am going to have to advise in general.

If you have no power especially the light not coming on then you have a blown thermal fuse. Usually they are in the back. Sometimes the are internal.

Following are pictures of what you might have:

24082258-tf0pl124dzd5m1czyqgpxhkh-4-0.jpg 24082258-tf0pl124dzd5m1czyqgpxhkh-4-3.jpg 24082258-tf0pl124dzd5m1czyqgpxhkh-4-8.jpg

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Not neccessarily the cool cycle uses less power and pressure from the motor, the winedings on motor may be bad or going out? does it shut down after 20-30 minutes of running? u may also want to check ur venting and ur thermostats the cycling and the thermal cut off, if ur having an over heating problem they can and will shut off the cycle as a safety precaution

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Model #?

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Good Afternoon friend, thank you for your inquiry!

If you Frigidaire dryer is stating that the door is opened it could be a potential problem with your door latch assembly or door strike. I would suggest opening and closing the door to make sure proper connection is being made with the door and latch.

If could additionally be an issue with your control panel and that may need to be replaced. I would highly recommend reaching out to a technician for proper diagnosis and repair with your dryer. -Matt

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Good Afternoon friend, thanks for your inquiry!

Which lights are blinking on your Frigidaire dryer? It could be shutting down or providing you are error code. Could you please provide me with your model number? Once I have that information I can do some research to locate the source of your problem. You usually locate your serial tag (which lists your model number) on the door frame of your dryer. Additionally, which lights are flashing? I look forward to helping you. -Matt

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Hi garyab9ss, I appreciate your post!

It appears your inquiry is listed under Frigidaire Electric dryer and you need the wiring diagram. May I have the model number please? You can typically locate the serial tag (which lists your model number) on the upper front, as you open the door or on the right/left edge on the inside of the door. Also, please provide me the timer part number that you have in hand. With this information I can deliver the correct material to you. Thank you! - Z

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Need to know what model but for my Gallery series, I actually found one through a laptop repair site for $162. I know, sounds corny but it worked just fine. Just don't throw away the old one until it's completely up and running, you'll need every button and switch for the swap.

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