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...diagram that shows the wiring for the coil. There are many more wires in the newer component and I have no idea what the square box on top of the coil does. I would really appreciate some input. ...


...Auto Repair Manual for Toyota Cressida 1989 (I think they share this manual with the Corolla model). It's free, with your library card, and this will get you a wiring diagram. What else shares the ...


...diagram for 1991 toyota cressida sliding sun roof... the sunroof is going into another car and i have kept the wiring until the connection that goes under the dash... thanks for your time Your public ...

fuse box located in 1991 cressida there is a fuse box that controls most of your relays and some of your fuses in the engine bay. the rest of them and the important ones are located on the driver side

...fuse box it should be listed under accessories either use a test light to figure out if it is bad or pull it and replace it with a new one the fuse box in behind a panal on the dash between the ...

...the hood at the back of the motor where the wipers are there may be a fuse box there or on the passenger side under the dash board some cars have a fuse box on both sides! HOPE this helped Good

Question about 1989 Cressida

1 Answer

...fuse box There is one fuse box in the engine compartment and there is also a fuse box behind the kick panel on the drivers side You need to take off the skuff plates to gain access. Then take off the ...

Question about 1986 Cressida

1 Answer you will find the main fuse and a few others,you need to remove a couple of bolts to remove the fuses.Some cars had fusible links instead of fuses and they can be checked by pulling on what looks ...

Question about 1984 Cressida

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need to find reset button for fuel pump also where is the fuse box/boxes located No you don't Only on Ford Products

Question about 1989 Cressida

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...fuse box. To remove the alternator fuse, you have to unscrew the whole fuse box from the car and on the bottom of the box are more screws to open the box. Once its open you will see one or two little ...

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