Questions & Answers for: Saturn L-Series how to bypass security system

Ad system shouldn't keep you from getting it out of park. Check to see if the security light is flashing. I can tell you how to reset the security system. The security light is a visual ...


Question about 2002 L-Series

1 Answer system. This causes the car to either "not start" or "shut down" while running. (depending on the system) If the security light flashes, i guarantee that this is what the problem is. 1st ...


Question about 2001 L-Series

1 Answer system. is there a way to bypass this system. something to do with the passkey maybe? If it starts up easily when the engine is cold and has a hard time starting (or won't start) when the ...

Question about 2001 L-Series

1 Answer light comes on, it means that there is a failure in the anti theft system. It will either shut off the starter or turn off the injectors. The other lights being on are a result of the key ... system that is messing up and that id have to take to the dealer? please help! i dont really have money to take it to the dealer.. is there a way i can disconect it or do something to keep ...

Question about 2001 L-Series

1 Answer

security system failing. i did a ton of research and found a module that u can install yourself that will bypass it and allow the car to start every time.. i did mine like 5 years ago and i havent had

...key. This is why the security light turns on and shuts down your vehicle. This link may help you find ways to bypass this or fix it yourself.

...bypass the alarm system so the car will start? The security, antitheft or lock picture/icon is a visual indication that something in the car's antitheft system is failing. In most GM cars and trucks ...

Question about 2001 L-Series

2 Answers system failing.. ive had this happen before... check this out im pretty sure this will solve your issues.. can install yourself I personaly have used it and my car is running great.. ...

bypass the security system.., check it out they have great customer service .. I bought it and my car runs great to this day. hope this helps Do It Yourself

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