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...the side of the rear sit driver side to take out the sit and clean something which was spilt in the car.After the cleang job was done, i put the sit back and reconnected the wire, started the car and ...

Ad volvo main dealer who downloaded info into the dim and problem cured at cost of 250euro. drove car from dealer and problem came back. dealer the said the dim was faulty and would cost approx


When accelerating the car jerks on and off. When accelerating the car jerks on and off, the car shifs ok no problem only when accelerating. Sounds like a common problem with the throttle body for our ...

...problems still occur?I can not start the car.. Check two items, chassey grounds by battery, transmission and starter. Also, check to make sure the alternator is providing enough voltage, should be ...

When i turn on the ignition, my car start w/o a problem. When I attempt to take care out of park if does not shift out of park. it feels as if its frozen. What's the problem? When I turn off the ... has the traction control, a bad sensor in the system that determines the cars motion and position could be the problem. I've noticed a similar problem when driving on roads with rain channels cut ...

with my 2002 XC70, putting in a new alternator fixed it. I used a local mechanic who I found on the car talk web-site. Low Cost Volvo parts can be purchased at FCP Groton

Question about 2003 XC70

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Car started but would not go into gear, turn key on and put into neutral, started car and put in drive. ran sluggish and engine light came on only shows low window washer as problem thats an easy one.

Question about 2003 XC70

1 Answer

... I saw that volvo is recalling for this problem. If so, what I can do to get this fixed as recalled car. If not recalled that means I have to pay myself, I want to know, can this problem be fixed? ...

My battery is fully charged and the car will not start. The engine will not turn over and there is no clicking sound that you would expect if there was a battery problem. The lights, windows and radio

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