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...factory alarm all you have to do to turn it off is put your key in the door ,lock it then unlock it . if its not a factory alarm you will need the remote or have the entire alarm unhooked by a ...


Question about 2002 Sable

2 Answers

...alarm keeps going off and the open door picture appears in the dashboard. Can you tell me why this is happening and can this wear down my battery? i am not sure which sensor it is but i do know it is ...


...alarm (door trigger) is or are diode isolated from the car. If not then diodes will have to be installed to prevent feedback from the cars bcm (body control module) from "leaking" into the input of ...

Question about 1998 Sable

1 Answer

connections at every possible point if the battery tests good. Get up 30 minutes before alarm usually goes off and see if neighbor has loud car or slams his car door. Motion sensors can set it off too

...alarm system failed. this car has door lock switches attached to every door lock inside the door,try lubricating fluid in the lock mechanism first but if it fails you will have to remove each door ...

door, this should allow car to start,it shuts alarm off. if its aftermarket alarm system then locate the push button under the dash, its a little push button usaually red, turn key on and quickly push

The driver door when closed is setting off the open door alarm and signal I would check the door jamb switch. Alot of times thoses switches will get corrosion in them causing them not to work properly

The alarm and door open lights are always on. The alarm noise drives me crazy. bad door ajar switch on latch.

Question about 2001 Sable

2 Answers

...the battery, when you put it in the alarm will sound. Before you hook the battery up, shut the doors, hook up the battery, when the alrm sounds, get in the car and turn the key on, don't ...

Door alarm comes on while driving. Door alarm comes on while driving. I get into the car, and the door alarm continues several times with the interior lights on. It stops but then comes on several ...

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