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1996 4-runner. Battery died. After recharging the battery can't start the car and the alarm keep going off. Or even when opening the door the alarm goes off. try pulling the fuse from the alarm


...should be reset.Or,remove positive battery cable,wait 10 minutes,reconnect,when you open door,alarm will sound,insert key in ignition and turn key and alarm should go off and alarm should be


i dont have the remote to turn off the factory alarm on my car. when i manually locked my doors today it set the alarm what way can i turn off the alarm without the remote? none

...alarm system after changing a battery in a 1998 toyoat 4runner factory alarms do not need to be reset.. if a problem cycle key in drivers door lock then unlock a few times// that manually sets and ...

...alarm going off. when i open door, lost remote, will not start how do i disable factory alarm? lock your doors and close it wait till alarm resets and then unlock door with key and this should take ...

Question about 1994 4Runner

2 Answers

...door with the key, make sure the doors are close when you reconnect the battery. the alarm FOB all depends on the model of the alarm, and the manfacturer. Mine was outdated, so I removed my dash ...

Question about 1998 4Runner

1 Answer

ve had to do it before but I can not remember which fuse we removed. When you close the door, the alarm will arm itself even if you do not set it. When you open the unlocked door, the alarm will sound

Question about 1998 4Runner

1 Answer

...alarm but as soon as I aopened the door, it began again and have not been able to get any further. Can you provide me with the alarm turnoff procedure. Thank you. Try opening the drivers door, leave ...

alarm has stopped working on the drivers side door. I have a 2003 Toyota 4-Runner. The keyless alarm fob has started to lock/unlock all the doors, except the drivers side door. I have to manually lock

alarm will not shut off&it will not start If its a factory alarm clos all doors. Use key to lock and unlock drivers door.

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