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Question about 2005 M-Class

1 Answer

drive shaft removal how do I remove the drive shaft on a mercedes ML500 If you dont have a lift I would reccomend you take it to a garage you have to completly drop your exaust system then remove the ...


Question about 1997 Dakota

1 Answer

drive shaft ? I need to replace the front drive shaft and am not sure how to do so? Mark the drive shaft postion to the transfer case and front axle. Remove the bolts/straps from the transfer case and

Ad shaft it has wheel bearing support is 2 part drive shaft and the noise is after 55 like every second like scraping noise It can be a u joint,or the drive shaft bearing,some call it drive shaft ...

Question about 2002 S-10

1 Answer

...around shaft and verry heavy after long drive leak around What shaft, drive shaft, CV shaft, etc??? If drive shaft, on rear whell drive vehicle, the transmission needs a new rear main seal! Good ...

Question about 2003 Sorento

2 Answers shaft they are called half shafts or CV axles and are between the front wheels and the engine. A drive shaft, driveshaft, driving shaft, propeller shaft, or Cardan shaft is a mechanical ... shaft. This drive shaft transfer the power from the engine/auto transmission to the rear differential/rear wheel. Now, on each end of the drive shaft is a flexible yoke, this splined yoke has a ... shaft or U joints? I put the car in a lift gear in drive and ck the sound, the sound come from the drive shaft, i was unable to identified if is the proper drive shaft or U joint is it a ...

Question about 1995 4Runner

1 Answer

drive shaft,not the problem than we did muffler ,brakes ,hubs,calibers,still not fixed ..ended up in suspension ,had car back one day drove it 75 miles and the transmission went out,this car has never

Question about 2007 CR-V

3 Answers

...Shaft is just a fancy term for drive axle with a built in universal joint. It transfers the drive force from the transmission output to the wheel. Reply as a comment to this post for more ... shaft) on manual trans and started leaking badly Has new aeak - is therte any other places that could cause leak. Could drive shaft be worn where is in seal? suggestions? Drive shaft have only ...

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