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Question about 1997 K1500

1 Answer shaft to the cover. Where could it be coming from? Pinion Seal... Remove Drive shaft.. remove big yoke nut.. pry out seal.. Hammer in new seal.. Retorque nut to approx same torque as removal ( ...


Question about 1998 K1500

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drive shaft does the front drive shaft turn when not in 4wd on a 1998 chevy truck. The front drive shaft is worn where it is splinned together which might be causing vibration. no only the front axles


drive shaft of a 1998 chevy 1500 ext cab Z71? Because of the different drive shafts used on different optioned trucks go to your after-market...Napa etc store and give them your specs on your truck... shaft is turing going into the diff but the tires anrt turning i was told it some pin inside the diff If the shaft is spinning thn theres nothing worng with the diff...(if i read right what you ... shaft/transfer case removal 03 chevy trailblazer 4wd transfer case sounds like a pipe is rattling, I am going to replace it, i know how to remove rear drive shaft, when i look at front drive ...

...DRIVE SHAFT ON A 2005 CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 4 X 4 AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF THE TRAMISSION HAVE ANYTHING TO DOWITH IT. . . well i dont fully understand your question but yes the drive shaft is hook ... shaft when i hit the gas on take off and while im doing like 50 mph what is it drive shaft u-joints will make clanking sound putting in gear or have bad vibration to it . it can be pion bearing ...

Question about 1999 K1500

1 Answer shaft is out of balance? What else would cause them to pop out? How can I check if my drive shaft is out of balance? There should be clips in the grooves on the caps that are held in by the ...

Question about 1999 K1500

1 Answer shaft it sounds like comen from one of the dual pipes but not sure. you can hold the brake give it gas and it makes it, and you can here it just by reven the engine up to. If there is a noise ... shaft assembly for worn u-joints.if OK check for worn pinion bearings or loose pinion nut.This can all be check shaking drive shaft at each end and looking for slop in u-joints or pinion

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