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...told to spray starter fluid on it and it stated but it jerks when i drive it. whats wrong? Crank or cam shaft sensor fuel pump,its relay or circuit. Cam/ Crank sensor tell ECU which injector to


im replaceing the drives side half shaft on my 98 sebring lxi. the part of the shaft that slides in the trans is stuck any ideas on how to free it. ive tried to pop it out but it will not. Try to ...


Question about 2008 Sebring Convertible

1 Answer

2008 seabring cruze and seedometer will not work change the sensor on the passenger side drive shaft on top of the diff unit

Question about 1998 Sebring

1 Answer

drive shaft diameters, they are NOT interchangeable. The distributor rotor must be correct for the distributor it is installed in, this part is also not interchangeable between the two different ones.

Question about 1996 Sebring

1 Answer

engine is on the cluch is on drive but the car wont move.but reverse alittle bit Check the shaft maybe it pulled from it position. shaft. This drive shaft transfer the power from the engine/auto transmission to the rear differential/rear wheel. Now, on each end of the drive shaft is a flexible yoke, this splined yoke has a ...

Question about 2005 Sebring Sedan

1 Answer

...when turning when turning the wheels left i hear a clanking/clinking noise coming from the front driver side. pretty sure its not the cv shaft since the sound doesnt increase while turning while ...

drive shaft how to replace passenger side drive shaft where it enters the tranny gets very hot after a run drivers side is cold this is after grinding sound when driving the car a grinding noise would

Question about 2001 Sebring

1 Answer

drive shaft because I do not have one. What belt are you talking about? timing belt? accessory belt? power steering belt?.....come on........Cars are very dangerous to work on if you don't have a clue of these: Search Or view this: Dodge Stratus Chrysler Sebring CV Axle Shaft Drive Shaft Removal and... But the easiest way is just to buy another one from Advance, Autozone, etc.. and replace

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