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Question about 1998 Gs 400

2 Answers

...GS 400, the Traction sign has lighted and check engin, but when I tried to drift the traction worked normally, so please any solution? the lexus gs400 is supposed to be lowered.I know that makes the ...


Question about 2000 Eclipse

1 Answer

...and yes it can be replaced i had a friend who had the same problem with a 2000 eclipse gs i think his replacement was roughly 150$ which thats with auto zone bt good luck sorry if this doesnt


...GS. One recommendation before was correct. Take it to Autozone for a free analysis. I can practically GUARANTEE it will be because of either one or more oxygen sensors and/or a charcoal canister. ...

Question about 1991 Integra Hatchback

3 Answers 5spd yesterday when i was driving it after i stopped at a light all of a sudden without any warning it just shut off like if i shiftd wrong but i tried starting it back and it did for couple ...

...GS . I had the transmission rebuilt about a year ago,the check engine light came on and I had it diagnosed .The mechanic checked it out and said it was a code P1750 . I looked at similar prblems with ...

Question about 1998 Gs 300

1 Answer

vsc light is on U need to have the Vehicale Stability Control (VSC) system tested by the dealer, the light is on due to a fault in the system, the system is disabled at this time, this can be a wheel ...

any diagram of wiring of gs 150 ?? im stucked here !! the current is not passing dont know what to do .... anyone an help mE ?? Ebay is your best bet

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