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...L in the pointed end of a nail. Fill the socket with enough hot glue to securely hold the head of the nail and let it harden. Using pliers, grasp the bent part and push in and turn


i have a flashlight / stungun i lost the charger for it and im sure that that is the reason for the fact that the stun gun doesnt work and the flash light is getting dimmer .....that being said does ...


4? top plate has melted fabric stuck to it, what should i use to clean it please. Run it under very hot water or boiling water... Then wipe with a towel. You may have to use a knife to get the initial

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...a coating with something like nail polish, varnish, or even hot glue will provide a longer-term temporary solution. Or take it for service. It should be a relatively easy fix for a repair shop. air from a handheld hairdryer into the internal mechanics. You may need to repeat the process several times before it moves freely. You will need the best access you can get to the inside, so ...

the take-up lever and then it's an instant mess of thread. I fashioned a small piece of tape to cover the opening in the take-lever and no more problems. Something like a drop of hot glue may work too

I fashioned a piece of tape to close the opening in the take-up more jumping thread! You can probably use other items (like hot glue) to close the opening. A cheap fix that works!


...glue. You may have difficulty adjusting stitch length or getting the machine out of reverse. I have spent hours trying to get the machine to free up. Oil and a heat gun will loosen the parts but if ...

there are 2 little metal round clips that have fallen out, I cant get them back on, is there a method that would help me? You can use glue gun; but better solution is order new race cover (see picture

...glue and will stick your machine parts. After using WD40, you should remove it and use regular (good quality) sewing machine oil, or I prefer to skip WD40 and use liquid Tri-Flow Synthetic Lube. It ...

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