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...bulb Remove the screws from the lens and separate the lens from the headlight bezel. Remove the headlight bezel. Remove the screws from the turn signal housing and pull it out. Turn the bulb socket ...


Question about 2001 Grand Cherokee

2 Answers

...Install the jack screw attaching the top of head lamp to the head lamp mounting module. Do not touch glass of halogen bulbs at the oil can cause the headlight to blow out My driver's side lo-beam ...


Question about 1998 Grand Cherokee

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...install the headlight assembly REMOVAL Grasp lower edge of headlamp lens and pull straight back (away) from grille opening reinforcement (GOR) Disengage lower adjuster pivots rom lens assembly. Grasp ...

...Side Marker LightsRemove the screws from the marker lens and separate the lens from the headlight bezel. Pull the bulb from its socket in the back of the lens. Installation is the reverse of

...Install the headlight in the reverse order of removal. Grand Cherokee and Grand Wagoneer Models Open the hood, reach into the engine compartment and locate the lock ring supporting the bulb assembly. ...

Question about 1993 Cherokee Country

1 Answer

...install a headlight Locate the headlight bulb in the engine compartment, in the rear of the headlight assembly. It has a wiring harness connector attached to it. Remove the wiring harness connector ...

Question about 2000 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

...Install 1. Reconnect the headlamp bulb's wireharness-connector. Then Replace the headlight unit in the headlight canister. Positionthe retaining ring back in its original position and install the ...

Question about 2006 Commander

1 Answer

...headlight in engine bay and see if there is a black plastic cover. If there is it should easily unsnap and the bulb sockets with attached wiring will be visible. If you have Xenon lights it's abit ...

bulb thinking it burnt out so i install the new ones same thing not working but now it's blowing fueses as soon as I put a new 10 amp fues car on, car off it blows I'm lost please help

...headlight not working.Driver's side rear taillight not working.Brake lights work.New bulbs installed.Fuses checked.2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. look for a ground wire that wasn't ...

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