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...door only locks and unlocks manually passenger rear door will only lock and unlock manually. the door lock actuators failing are a very common problem on the NF sonatas. they are covered under ...


Question about 2006 Sonata

1 Answer

...lock and one for the unlock? Is this something easy enough to replace on my own. I do have mechanical abillities Automatic door locks on the 2001 Sonata doesn't exist. The doors are locked manually ...


...lock the doors. The paddle switch on drivers door likewise can unlock all doors but cannot be used to lock them. Only by manual locking of each door can the car be secured. Any clues? Door 'LOCK" ...

lock none. All unlock functions work fine. Fuse is OK. Battery in keyless remote is good. When unlocking I can hear at least 2 relays clicking behind fuse panel, trying to lock can only faintly hear 1

...all the way up so that I can open and close my doors (driver and passenger sides). So my question is, what can I do to fix my locks so that they will lock and unlock properly? replace your

the drivers side door. My grandson was playing with it, locking and unlocking repeatedly. Apparently he burned out the 'current limiter' in the door lock/unlock actuator... it will need to be replaced

...locks again , i dont know what is wrong with it , then to unlock it i have to put the key in and hold it in the unlock possition to get the door open I WOULD START WITH HAVE THE LOCK SWITCH

...after locking and hazard lights keep coming on went outside and car hazards were flashing by themselves. tried to lock and would immediately unlock lights still flashing. need drivers door lock ...

Question about 2007 Sonata Limited Sedan

1 Answer

...unlock and lock except driver door. I can use the key to unlock driver door. Batteries were changed on key fobs and problem still exists. door reciever or lock has issues did you scan the car ...

...lock/unlock with the remote, but the other doors will. The driver-side lock was working with the remote before I pulled the plug that connects the door's wire harness to the car's body. When I ...

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