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...HYUNDAI TRAJET LIGHT DOES NOT GO OFF The SES lamp means there is a code in the ECM. Take to a pepboys or autozone, most of those places will check the code for free. Once you have the code, then we ...


...your local distributor/Hyundai consumer affairs office. Provide them proof of ownership and VIN, and they will give you the key code. Go to the dealership with the code and they can cut you a new


P0300 engine trouble code for 2005 Hyundai Tucson. Ignition Misfire No other codes? PO300 doesn't tell you a specific cylinder

...code. I've done some research on Hyundai and unfortunately they don't offer this service online and when you call them they don't have codes for any vehicles newer than 1995. Your only ...

hyundai touscan radio code does not work my car battery recently went flat and now my radio is asking for the code. I have the code - I have used it before - but it simply will not accept it. is there

...code reading C0700, what does it mean? There are no "C" DTCs. If you mean P0700 It indicates there is a transmission control system problem. Probable causes: 1. Faulty sensor or solenoid 2. Control ...

...Elantra. ... hi i got my hyundai accent 2006 and i got P0139 and P0172 code. is possible that it has the ...How to Replace an Oxygen (O2) Sensor, and Bank 1 Bank 2 ... Get car scand using factory ...

Question about 2005 Tucson

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CODE P0700 Gustavo, links will explain P0700 Transmission Control System Malfunction ...

CHECK ENGING LIGTH IS ON , CODE P0700, WHERE IS TCM. Gustavo, I believe it is above Pedals, under dash.

code 2005 hyundai tucson tucson 2005 awd number on keyring, last 4 numbers of vin +1212. no luck, last 3 numbers of vin+1212 Check Hyundai radio codes generated from serial number:

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