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Question about 1996 Sable

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Got a 96 mercury sable with a transmission problem I would like to replace it but dont have any manuals to describe process. Can you help? Thanks Pat To replace the transmission you will need to: lift


PATs system is detecting your key as the wrong key. You may have to have a new key programed for the car if the key was damaged. try disconnecting battery for a couple of minuets. negative cable only.


...How much to my extra key will not start my car. How much to get key re-programed $75 US. How many PATS keys do you have? If you have two that work you can program the third yourself by following

where is the pats module located on a 96 sable? where is the pats module located .the ignition cylinder in the steering column was replaced,as a result we now have the anti-theft flashing and the car ...

Question about 2002 Sable

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Interior lights and mirror lights won't go out when you get out and shut the door More then likely have a bad door pin switch. On ford products it usually involves replacing the whole latch assembly. ...

Question about 1998 Sable

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Remove the panel cover to access the fuses... Position 10 with 20AAMP for PCM Relay, Ignition Coil, PATS, Radio Hope this helps (remember to rate this answer)

Question about 1997 Sable

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System (PATS) "thinks" you are trying to steal the car, it is SUPPOSED to keep it from starting. The problem is that the PATS thinks you are a car theif when you are not. Below is a table straight out

Car code says running lean and runs rough The car started running rough and check engine light came on. Took it to auto zone and it coded as running lean. changed O2 sensors still coding running lean.

Question about 1992 Sable

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system reset how do I reset my theft system so I can start my car I once owned a trans repair shop & we did many transaxles on taurus & sable, where the battery cable was removed for days &

Question about 2003 Sable

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how to reset computer Hi, depending on what ecm you want to reset, you need a shop, or dealer to do it. However, you can trying to unhook your pos. Batt. Cable and let it set overnight, that will ...

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