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Question about 1994 Integra

2 Answers

...rust, and paint chips. if i was to get a paint job done would it eliminate the rust? or not? also how much is a decent paint job? Surface rust can be worse than it appears so then in that case, the ...


Question about 1998 Century

1 Answer

...rust restore solution if you are wanting to do this your self Sherwin Williams sells a product called Ospho wipe or spray on and ready to paint Converts rust to a Matte black won't discolor your ...


Question about 1997 Ram 1500 Club Cab

1 Answer

...Ideas? A new pan can be found on ebay for about $75. I would check your local dealership first though. Either way, a few good coats of Rust-Oleum to slow up the rusting problem might be a good

...rust and paint faded. thanks in anticipation denis oconnor Use a paint stripper to remove old paint. Use a phosphoric acid base rust converter to remove rust .Clean and dry Use pressure pack under ...

Question about 2006 Vibe

1 Answer

...but the paint job will still make it expensive. If the rust hasn't penetrated, you could rub it down, treat the rust and then paint ( Paint costs will be lower as it will be a chip repair paint

...again. You can check the below link for the automotive kit: Good luck! Rust Inhibitor Paint to stop rust and rust repair Stop Rust

...rust. Use touch-up paint that is the same color as the Ford Galaxie. Apply it to all areas that are missing paint. Let the paint dry, before driving the car. Jean is right, I recommend using Rust ...

...paint on rust converter . You paint it on the rust and it turns it back into metal . After that i would spray the rubberized under coating to protect it. I suggest utilizing Rust Bullet, it is a very ...

Can I apply rust-oleum gloss clear over final varnish test on a section first as the 2 may not be compatible talk with paint supply shops for extra advice

...Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch over Grumbacher resin based Final Varnish The best solution you'll get from books at These are books containing info on repair, service, ...

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