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Question about 1998 Tahoe

2 Answers

...module i replaced shift motor on transfercase but 4x4 still dosn't work. auto 4x4, 2 high, nuetral and 4 lo lights randomly come on. where is transfercase control module is located? I fould my yhis ...


...module. Shift timing is regulated through sensor feedback information provided to the electronic controller. On older transmissions there are two pressures that control the shift valves. One is the ...


Question about 2004 Tahoe

1 Answer

shift control module monitors the transfer case shift control switch to determine if the driver desires a new mode/range position. At a single press of the transfer case shift control switch, the lamp

Question about 1999 Tahoe

1 Answer

...shift while coasting down in speed. fluid levels good and clean looking. the fluid and filter was changed bout 35k ago. Your transmission is computer controlled.  The best way to find out why it ...

...shift into park they unlock. I checked the fuses and they are okay. I disconnected the battery in the hope this would reset something she may have inadvertently done with no luck. Anyone have any ...

Question about 2005 Tahoe

1 Answer

reset transmission revs to 4500 rpm before shifting to second gear. It will not go passed second gear for some reason. I was told to hit the transmission reset button but I could not find one anywhere

Question about 1997 Tahoe

1 Answer

...when this happens, but when I start the truck back up it will shift gears only to repeat the same problem. I would have transmission module checked. Basically it is the brains for the

brake pedal it pushes back then the ABS light comes on and then the truck starts revving up and not shifting gears right and se put new transmission,differential,ABS module.this problem dos not happen

...shift "range selector". It is a loose connection that is causing the control module to "see" a park or Neutral and the doors unlock. This may turn on the check engine light also. It may eventuallly ...

...shift for the transfer case. If so the TCCM transfer case control module . Could cause this however there is about 40 pages in the manual about what could be wrong with it . Mine has a shift lever on ...

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