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...Sleep Button to put D-I'n-1000 into hibernation Can anyone please tell me the location of the "sleep button" (not the same as the power button), to put a Dell Inspiron 1000 into hibernation (after ...


Question about Inspiron 1000 Notebook

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sleep mode can't get inspiron1000 out of sleep mode unplg the wall plug, take out the battery. push and hold on the power button for 20 sec. reinstall the battery and plug in the wall outlet.


Question about Inspiron 530 Desktop Computer

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...button is configured to sleep mode.. So to shutdown the PC you can press "Start - right arrow - right arrow - right arrow - Enter", or you can navigate to the same using the mouse & selecting ...

Question about Inspiron 1300 Notebook

3 Answers

sleep button. Near the hinge, there is a tiny pin looking thing sticking up. When you shut the computer, this presses against a switch below the case and puts the computer into sleep or hibernate mode

Question about Inspiron 1200 14.1 XGA LCD Display-320-4222 (3204222) CD-ROM Drive

1 Answer

...Panel> PowerOptions Then go to the Advanced tab, Under Power Buttons, make sure "When I press the Power Button" and "When I press the sleep Button" are set to "Do

Question about Inspiron E1405 Notebook

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...sleep mode .You can press power button to make it on if its gone to standby. To disable this Right click on any empty space on desktop and go to screen saver tab and click on Power button . There in ...

Question about Inspiron 1525 Notebook

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...button as shown in the picture below. Following picture is of sleep mode. Following picture is of shutdown mode Incase you have classic vista menu, please do the following. For further reading please ...

Question about Inspiron 1545 Notebook

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...sleep mode, 10 times in the past 1 hour 1/2???? It is NOT shutting down, just have to turn the power button on and all is back to normal...but; this is very annoying....I'm trying to work... goto the ...

sleep button on dell inspiron 1545 laptop Please follow the steps mentioned below to set 'Power buttons and lid' options to sleep by using the power button and Closing the lid. Go to start screen Type

Where is the sleep button on dell inspiron 1545 laptop Usually when you close the lid on your laptop, it will go to sleep mode. The second light is orange and blinks when it is in sleep mode.

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