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how much fuel does an e200 consume per 100km distance? From the owners manual 1998 model manual transmission city 12.8 litre/100km extra urban 6.9 litre/100km average 9.1 litre/100km 215 CO2 emmission


...the most part an urban legend, although a loose gas cap can set a code.. U will need to have an OBD 2 system trouble code test run to determine the cause of the light, this test reqires a scan


...Urban (mechanics) legend that you can use a 134a to an r12 system, but you can’t use an r12 to a newer 134a system. But be on the safe side, change the compressor and dryer to use 134a or ask an ...

is dearborn, mi really under sharia law? sharia law No if you search the usual sites like urban legends or it indicates that this is false information Rainfall for 48124 on 6 15 2015

What does the U.S. Dept. called with the acronym H.U.D.stand for? What US Gov. Dept HUD stand for? Housing and Urban Development It refers to the Department of Housing and Urban Development

...urban legend, there's so many ways they can get you to stop without wasting an egg or counting on their throwing arm to actually hit you. I've seen eggs on cars for vandalism or an attempt to damage ...

Geely 1.5 petrol consumpsion per km for the Geely CK 1.5 Fuel consumption (economy) - urban 7.8 l/100 km. Fuel consumption (economy) - extra urban 6.3 l/100 km. Fuel consumption (economy) - combined 6

...Urban Legend - Car-Jacking Scheme Warning - Paper on Rear Window Cached Similar Sep 5, 2005 - Message warns of a new car-jacking scheme in which paper is ...

Are the Reese's Peanutbutter Cups being discontinued No, this is an urban legend.

is there a parasite worm in Dasani bottled water Nope, this is an urban legend. The water purification in Dasani would preclude any parasite from being in it. I dont think so?

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