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Question about Aquos LC-32GD4U 32 in. LCD HDTV

1 Answer

...prompting or remote, all simultaneously, and this has happened twice in six months. All three have surge protectors plus a surge protector for the entire house. What could cause this problem? There ...


Question about Aquos LC-32G4U 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

1 Answer

...the powercord on the back of the tv detachable? make sure its plugged in tightly. also if using a surge protector reset surge protector. if not using a surge protector try a different outlet. also ...

Ad flashing red. Try using a different outlet, the outlet or the tv may have been damaged in the surge. In the case of the tv contact the manufacturer and see if it's still under warranty. There ...

Question about AQUOS LC-40C32U 32 in. LCD TV

2 Answers

...LC-40C37U will not power up. The green power lamp at the bottom right is blinking. We had a power surge last night, I even measured 180V on the power outlet. Is my TV now damaged? Good day

Question about Aquos LC-42D62U 42 in. LCD HDTV

1 Answer walked through an INIT/factory reset. You will need two people unless your tv is plugged into a surge protector that can be switched on and off with your foot because the first step will be to ...

Question about Aquos LC-46D62U 46 in. LCD HDTV

1 Answer

...then shut off several times, now the television will not turn on. We had the tv plugged into a surge protector too. Check the main fuse in the power supply, the TV also has small surge

Question about AQUOS LC-32D44U 32 in. LCD TV

1 Answer thunderstorm, it's off but connected to the power source.. It can be affected due to current surge on the line, the most probable affected area is the power section of your TV. Some incidence ...

Question about AQUOS 52" Flat-Panel LCD HDTV

1 Answer

after power surge aquos tv won't turn on hi ther is a overload fuse on the psu board which will blow after a surge of power but to get to it you will have to take the back off

we had a low power surge that took television off and all electrical items running on low voltage when electric came back on the tele would not switch on .they say they have had to repair inverter ...

Question about LC 42LE540U - 42" Aquos LED LED-backlit LCD TV - - LC-42LE540U

1 Answer

Sharp tv has no power Got hit by power surge, replaced power supply still no power Sounds like your set has been zapped by a spike on the line. Now you know why UPS units and surge diverters were ...

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