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Question about XL 330 Car GPS Receiver

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...'No Items Available', or there is not an application to download, click on 'Add Maps, Traffic, Voices etc -> Items on my computer', select the application and click on 'Add'. 3. Select the ...


Question about XL 330S GPS Receiver

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TomTom site. it depends on the voice that you use. It has to be the computer driven one. Plug your Tom Tom into your computer and select the computer generated voice in the settings. i just downloaded


Question about XL 330S GPS Receiver

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TomTom's great add-ons. Your Tom Tom has 1 gig in it. You can remove points of interest to free enough room as well as voice you are not using. This will free enough room. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE .DAT

CHOICES THAT I CAN USE WITH STREET NAMES To get tts (text to speech) you have to use a computer generated voice. TomTom does not offer many tts voices, but you can download tts voices thru TomTom Home

Question about XL 340.S GPS Receiver

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...voice. Also, here is the link to the owners manual just in case you need it. If you found this information helpful, ...

Question about XL 340.S GPS Receiver

1 Answer won't give computed responses for street names. Go to voices, change voice and try a digital/electronic voice. If not installed, use TomTom home to download an electronic voice. Hope this ...

...VOICE. a) Start TomTom Home on your computer. b) Plug in the TomTom dock to a USB port on your computer and plug in your TomTom GPS on the dock c) Turn on the GPS and when asked "connect to computer" ...

...your Tom the easy way here on top. And you will see a few buttons with: Add map, Add traffic, voices, safety camera etc. click on Add traffic, voices, safety camera button. On the page that ...

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