Questions & Answers for: Fuji FinePix wrong charger used


Question about FinePix A330 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...wrong charger connect. steven Steven, Sorry to say there are no user replaceable fuses anything to replace yourself if you used the wrong AC adapter/charger on your Finepix 500 digital camera. It's ...


Question about FinePix F20 Digital Camera

4 Answers

...charger is plugged in. Any ideas? I had the same problem!! Try flipping the battery around and then charging it. It worked for me! Hope this helps! yeeah i had th same problem! my mum has th same ...


Question about FinePix Z100fd Digital Camera

1 Answer

...wrong way, or that it is not charging because the charger terminal needs cleaning. Try charging the battery fully when it arrives, after cleaning the charger and take it from there. Here's the User ...

Question about FinePix S7000 Digital Camera

2 Answers

...wrong ? No sorry to say this is normal for this camera! you may want to look for rechargable lithium batterys (they will last longer in a high drain device such as your camera! Please rate my answer! ... their menu that allows you to choose between alkaline or NiMh (rechargable). If the setting is wrongly set to alkaline when using rechargable it is unlikely to recognise that the batteries are ...

Question about FinePix S1000FD Digital Camera

1 Answer

...wrong with your SD card. Format the card in the camera before using it again. Make sure you have saved all images to the computer before formatting. You have a faulty battery. Try cleaning the ...

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