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I don't know but dryers generally are of a fairly crude construction designed to be cheaply assembled by the manufacturer and not so easy to repair.

The ones I have tackled, the belt replacement entailed removing screws until something important fell off and then on and on until the back of the cabinet could be separated from the front far enough to change the belt...

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Text and videos here

Manual also mentions it

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Apparently it is as much as a 16 year old model, and I could not locate instructions for that model, using https

There was a site with parts, however, but not a manual.

A similar model manual, for W6021, shows controls that may be similar.

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When the pump runs continuerly it is probably water in the bottom of the dishwasher, when you drag it out on the floor you can try to flip it to see if any water will run out of the mashine, or you an take the bottom front of to see if you can see any water, there should be a water float in the bottom that is being activatet by the water that can leak from the washing cabinet to the bottom of the dishwasher.

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You will get a good idea here

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has the garbage disposal been replaced recently?
- check that the drain plug on disposal s popped out

check that the drain line has a loop in it, i prefer the high drain loop.

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It is likely that the timer is stuck and will have to be replaced.

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If you are REALLY handy, look for a stuck relay. The timer may control the motor directly without triggering a relay. If that's the case you need a new timer. Usually the wiring diagram (schematic) is on a folded piece of paper stuck under the dishwasher or sometimes in back. I have seen a lot of stuck relays AND bad timers.
Good Luck

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It could be a faulty water inlet valve, but it could also be a blocked tube between the tub, and the water level pressure switch, because over time, this can become blocked, and affect how much water enters the machine.
An easy test is to put the machine on a fill cycle and then turn of the mains power to the machine as the machine begins to fill; if the machine continues to fill, it is probably the water valve; if not, check the tube from the tub to the pressure switch.
I hope this helps?

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Hi Jacqueline,the filter will usually have a rubber o-ring gasket to seal the opening to prevent leaks. When you cleaned it,the gasket may have kinked, torn or popped out of the groove that holds it in place. Open the filter and check if the gasket is in place, if not slide it back into the groove and that should stop it from leaking. Also check the small drain hose, make sure the stopper is in. That should take care of any leaks in that area. If the leak continues I would suggest calling a local repair company. Hope that helps.

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If the main PCB is still pulsing the "beeper" even when unplugged, it would be the on board capacitors still charging it. Apart from changing the main PCB, I would suggest you leave it unplugged for as long as necessary to fully power down the capacitors. It will take a few hours or more. Try using the machine when it has stopped beeping. It may then be OK. If not, a board replacement will be the only solution.

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try turning the tap off at the if unplugging the machine didnt work,i would say you water solenoid is stuck open

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Does it happen on every load? If it's intermittent, most likely your spray arm is obstructed or plugged up. Make sure before you close and run the cycle, check bottom and top spray arm spins freely. Hope that helps

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