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Hello Machatsiduba, It's likely that the network card is capturing some radio signals phones close to your geographical location. Specifically, the Wi-Fi controller can cause this problem; I recommend you follow these links to solve this problem. 1)

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try downloading vlc player

or google media player codecs

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the ASUS box has a white sticker on the new box. clearly showing this fact.
the motherboard, has sticker to ,for the same thing,
same answer, in the BIOS info screens, the serial will bet there
and a UUID, serial, that Microsoft uses, to block activation.
there a mAC too.
you did not say why you need this, so lacking context we guess.
omg a gaming laptop...
ASUS Rog 750 g750jw
on laptops in general, its on the bottom of the case
on some remove the battery pack and its a sticker inside there.
on newer laptops, the deleted stickers (deemed ugly)
so is deep hidden. BIOS pages are it.

i look at your mobo, and see only stickers on the ram slots
so open the ram hatch and look?
i redacted it a bit, to make it neutered.
PN: not this.
PT? i guess not.
lower right, side is my guess, on SN. 69N-bla bla


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hello hyjacker this post and OPS other identical post on why F2 repeats, this is COMMON !
first take out that relic and bad large battery.
run on AC pack only, still dead?

the PC is now 9 years old
the RTC COIN CELL BATTERIES, mostly do not go past 7 years, seen 10 happen, but is not PAR,
life span is 5 to 7 years.! facts.
so replace that first,
then reset bios next.
and test on AC Pack only, until the PC runs right again do not use the useless 9 year old HUGE BATTERY, oK?
then make sure boot order in BIOS
shows HDD , in the list.
or the HDD is dead.

the coin cells dead will cause many PC
to stick at BIOS screens, after all it cant find the boot order configurations with that battery dead.
once that is cured, you can boot windows
if the HDD still works.
on some pCs you can hit F2 and it loads BIOS defaults and boots.
but after powering down, all that is lost and all this above repeats.
the service manual on your PC covers this.
but I can not find that manual anywhere...
how to replace your RTC Coin cell.?
here it is, remove any hatches to reach it.
RTC is on the bottom
see yellow blob this is your exact mobo.
this is the bottom side of mobo
open hatches on bottom of PC to gain access.
I see 1 huge hatch in our manual, at asus.
no 2 laptops are the same unless they are exact model. so learn to find it using below photo.



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or check the bios settings . look in to which drive is the first drive

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The BIOS are separate from the operating system. After a control/alt/delete you should be able to get a new fresh start up whereby hitting the Del key or F Keys above (10 or 12 usually) you should get to the BIOS Setup pages. If need to make changes to the computer, do so there. If you cannot bring up the Operating System, you may be required to put the OS Disk into the CD/DVD drive and restart the computer hoping the CD drive is recognized and go from there. If Linux fails, you will need Windows 10 operating system.

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XP is dead forget XP
what do you do, answer upgrade, it or buy PC with w7 up on it.
end story.

run VLC, from makers site not others.
ok> VLC is the player that works, here.
avoid all others, unless paid for , PRO grade. ok?

XP is virus magnet, there will be no future with XP ever.
nothing but endless pain, labor, delays, and horror.

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Are you still having the issue with the wireless connection?

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The fault may be a broken ribbon cable that connect the screen to the motherboard. Less likely is that the connector is loose on the motherboard. The connectors are normally very well seated and don't normally come loose.

One thing that you must do, is that if you can get the screen working, even once, save all your important files and pictures onto an external device, such as a USB stick.

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check power switch botton

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better list?
1: make sure wifi card is there first. or all this is a waste, ok?
2: reboot modem. if all devices in home using wifi are dead.
3: reboot router, if not part of modem above, for same reasons.
4:use Ethernet wired first. get that working first so you can connect to the internet and get drivers missing for you wifi card, inside.
now that internet works we may see XP actually find drivers automatically, using its PnP engine, but XP is dead, now at Microsoft dot com. dead as door nail. but hope springs eternal for XP (not)
The Device manager must show the wifi card is present and
not bleeding red errors, yellow errors or listed UNKNOWN.
IF is bad there, then the driver is missing bad corrupted or the wrong one loaded.
finding xp driver 99% of the time nets you a virus
most sites that say free drivers are malware sites feeding off the bones of the last few XP users on earth. (sad to watch)
I do have safe drivers. they are here. (I do not work there)
but takes skill to use. (I download them)
then I use on the package, it is clean !
ask for help or post the photo of you wifi card so I can read the sticker and tell you what you have and what drivers are possible.

here is the one known safe site for such relics. WLAN.
version 12 should have your driver but is stored in torrent free site.
as you can see there are vast wifi chips used.
that is why I use DM (properties IDs) to find the true name.

dev-id-1vbx0tmk5jh3hk3cmdz40urc-2-0.jpg there are 3 ways to ID the wifi card
1: read is label sticker (eyeballs do not lie)
2; use DM and details tab above.
3: run HWinfo32.exe portable, (free ) run it and it tells you if wifi is there and what chips it is, maker of chip and model.#

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to start with win xp is no longer supported by Microsoft as is win 7
that means that any faults will not be rectified so if it doesn't install correctly after a couple of attempts up grade to win 8 or win 10
many programs will now not run on xp as they all modified to run win 7 or later

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see if you can find out why at this link... Asus Eee netbook freeze up Google Search

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Did you get any warning at all, or did it just stop for no reason, please?

If it shut off while on battery power, what happens when you try to run it off the mains?

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Use the recovery disk and reinstall the operating system with it.

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May be this some conntact in the motherboard or chip heating because in this notebook the cooling system is not so good.
Or, may it be from adapter because in the jack cable when I mesaure the voltage is about 14,2 V approximatly. And I don't understad why is this voltage when mY adapter is 12V. The cable I put it my self becaus the old one is damaged but adapter is the same.

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Start by reinstalling the software, if that doesn't restore function you need the system repaired.

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Call Asus support, or info could be in the manual

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you will have to get his password to get in to alter anything

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