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why don't u try online websites..
some websites deal in it real time. . along with solutions to problems how to repair fix service nd all let me know if u need help I know plenty

Crl Automotive... | Answered on Jan 28, 2019

Take your pick of definitions - there's no clear one.

what is FOB Google Search

Crl Automotive... | Answered on Mar 01, 2015

Sounds Like you have a faulty catalytic converter, and or a clogged EGR valve. you will also notice a loss of power and sometimes a odder catalytic converter will need to be replaced. The EGR valve is easy to remove and clean out the carbon with intake cleaner.

Crl Automotive... | Answered on Jan 15, 2015

Unfortunately you may need to go to the dealer to recode - some locksmiths have the capability as well.

Crl Automotive... | Answered on Nov 15, 2014

Clean them better. I know you'r going to say "are you nuts?" Most of the time when cleaning our windows in the truck or car we spray on some cleaner, (Windex) and wipe it away. Then the next time the sun or oncoming traffic with there lights on shines through ... well streaks everywhere. How Come?

We don't clean them enough or correctly. When we travel we get all kinds of grease on our windows from everything we pass through from exhaust fumes from cars and diesel trucks, manufacturing oil is in the air everywhere especially around restaurants. They exhaust it all from their grill fans while we are inside enjoying a meal and all the solids from inside settle on our vehicles windows.

When we clean it we just smear it around and leave residue all over the window. It looks clean when we wash the car but when we see the window from behind the steering wheel with lights shining through STREAKS!!! If you smoke, even with the windows open you are putting the same tar that you inhale on your windows every time you exhale. And: the inside is just as app to be the streaking culprit.

This has proven successful for me and I never have streaks. I wash the car as normal and
"Windex" the windows inside and out. Then I start over with newspaper and a solution of vinegar and water.

I had to help my family do windows when i was young and my mother forced us to clean the windows with newspaper and a vinegar solution. I knew better as I got older and just used the new fangled spray bottles of "Windex" ...yeah I always had streaks. So I went back to the old standard. I now use a spray bottle with nothing but vinegar and water both inside and out and I never have streaks. I know it's a pain to do the same job twice but it works . The vinigar breaks down the residual grease and contaminates on your window and the newspaper acts as a cutting abrasive that won't scratch your glass. I don't use paper towels because it leaves lint all over the inside.

By the way as soon as you get your windows clean and streak free it will rain.

CRL Fixed "All... | Answered on Jul 22, 2014

Some good old WD40 would take that nosie away or you can use soe motor oil on the henge. I hope this helps.

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

CRL Fixed "All... | Answered on Jun 04, 2014

Sounds like a vacuum LEAK or a DIRTY throttle plate. Remove rubber hose coming from air filter housing to the alum. throttle wedge open throttle plate and spray carb. cleaner on a rag and wipe the plate and housing should be black soot on it, wipe until clean! then drive Isuzu a few miles at 45mph to reset idle!

Crl Automotive... | Answered on Apr 30, 2014

look n ur book

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Did you buy the model with a flux capacitor? lol

Crl Automotive... | Answered on Nov 02, 2013

run some fuel injector cleaner through her-cheers Denny

Crl Automotive... | Answered on Nov 01, 2013

1.check catalytic converter for back pressure
2.if high mileage check timing belt for slippage valve and pistons may be out of timing

Crl Automotive... | Answered on Oct 25, 2013

every vehicle has climate control, you may not have a/c. does not matter if it is a cable, vacuum or electronic system,in order to change the blend door you will need to remove the Dash and the climate control assembly. This is a job for an expert only and not recommended to try oneself.

Crl Automotive... | Answered on Oct 23, 2013

Sounds like evaporative emission vent solenoid is sticking closed. Not allowing fuel vapor to vent while fueling.

Crl Automotive... | Answered on Oct 18, 2013


Restore your dead car battery to good servicable condition for $4.00 and save the price of a new battery

This is a really awesome tip and has been tested and found to really work on 3 defunct, dead and shot batteries and brought them all back to good used battery condition.
Draw backs are: takes 2 or 3 days to work.

If you need another good batery today,
but a new or used battery but keep your old core battery because you can restore it in 3 days and sell it for $30.00 , or keep it as a good spair, which will help take the bite out of that $138.99
battery that you had to buy only because you were in such a hurry and didnt mind waisting easy (for you to) come by money.

Your car battery has a couple of dead cells ,wont hold a charge & your self starter goes click rurr,click click. You are told that you need a new battery and it only costs 129.95 plus tax and installation and plus a 5.00 core charge unelse you return the dead battery.This is the conventional wisedom but its dead wrong. They wont tell you this because they want to sell you the 129.95 battery and make $69.00 off you.

TO FIX YOUR CAR BATTERY, YOU ONLY NEED TO SPEND $4.00 if you already have a battery charger and $24.00 if you dont have a battery charger. 20.00 for the battery charger and 4. oo for the epson salts and 1 gallon of distilled water.

get epson salts at walmart in the drug store or the garden center. epson salts is MAGNESIUM SULFATE and usually used as a foot soak or a laxative or a fertilizer,a plant food. But, it is an awesome car battery cell rejuvinater as well. It does something to the battery that makes the battery last another 4 to 5 years longer beyond when you thought it was time for a new battery.
the magnesium sulfate is what restores your dead cells and makes them hold a charge. Get The distilled water from walmart, at $1.00
for a gallon, is what you mix one teaspoon of epson salts into 8 onces of distilled water.

DONT USE TAP WATER BECAUSE IT WONT WORK & you wont be able to restore your battery. must use only distilled water. Tap water has too many impurities that prevent the epson salts from working to restore your dead cells.

with 1 teaspoon of epson salts ,magnesium sulfate, well mixed into 8 onces of distilled water, put equal amounts of this solution into each cell, about 1.3 onces per cell.

You could put 2 onces per cell ,except that you may not have room in the cell for that much solution. If you need to,go to the drug store and buy a plastic siringe to put the
solution into the cell. you can also use the siringe to **** out an once of electrolyte
to make room for 2 onces of epon salts solution. If they give you some bs about the needle of the siringe at the drug store,,just ask for a plastic tip & tell them it is for car battery electrolyte and not a heriwin habit.
do not get any dirt into the battery cell holes. try to clean off the dusty & dirty top of the battery ,before you remove the cell caps.
if you think that you have "what they call a maintanance free battery" and you think that you dont have cell holes, most likely, you are mistaken and you do have cell holes. they holes are recessed below the surface of the top of the battery and a square block of plastic needs to be pried up ,first with a pocket screwdriver and then with a small blade flat tip screw driver, before you can finally get in a 3/8th tip flat blade screwdriver and finish prying off the plastic cover with 3 cell plugs built in. The plastic 3 cell plug may be hidden underneath a plastic sticker , so to save 140.00 battery purchase, you can take the time to scrach the sticker off your old ,out of warantee and dead battery.

BEFORE YOU CAN DO THIS,you already should realize that you will have to remove the battery hold down clamp, because it is right across the top of the battery,preventing you from getting to the battery cell plug cover and alredy know that you will need a 3/8 drive ratchet & either7/16th or 1/2 inch or 9/16 deep drive socket. you probably can make do ok with open end or combination wrench instead.YOU SHOULD REMOVE THE POSITIVE TERMINAL FROM THE BATTERY because the battery charges up easier without current pull from the cars clock,radio,computer and dome light.

*****Con-* drawback*****
PLEASE be aware that the CAR'S computer
will be reset to default mode when you disconnect they battery terminal and will require 500 miles of driving, stop and start, which means motor off and on; before all the sensors will automatically come back on line so that you can pass an emissions test.
so,you will need about a week of driving before you can pass emissions.

ANYWAY-- now you have the epson salts solution of pure distilled water in each cell and the positive battery terminal removed and the cell caps off the battery.
USE A---- 1AMP---- 12 volts dc battery charger and charge the battery for 24 hours.

DO NOT USE A BATTERY MAINTAINER OT A BATTERY CHARGER THAT AUTOMATICALLY SHUTS OFF WHEN FULL CHARGE IS REACHED. if the charger shuts off ahead of time, your battery will still read dead cell, weak or dead because you did not give the chemical reaction enough time to work. You will need up to 36 hours of 1 amp charge in order to relie-ably restore your battery. 90 % of dead batteries can be restored if you continue recharging them long enough.
the chemical reaction with the epson salts and the lead cellsand the battery acid is a very slow thing and takes as long as it takes.
it cant be hurried up any.

for this to work we need a manual battery charger, 1 amp is best because it takes the longest to charge the battery and the battery needs all that 24 hours and most likely another 24 hours as well to let the magnesium sulfate epson salts work.
a 2 amp or even a 4 amp battery charger is ok for car & truck bateries but may boil out some of the electrolyte. if that happens ,just make up some more epon salt/distilled water
solution and refill the cells.
NOTE; FOR MOTORCYCLES AND MOTOR SCOOTER,MOPEDS AND RIDING MOWERS TRACTORS. special instructions 1. you must disconnect the positive terminal or risk blowing out your charging circuit diode. the diode can not withstand more that a 1 amp charger. you can use a bigger charger if you first remove the positive terminal wire BUT
the bigger charger will.most certainly boil out your cell,overnight. It did that to my motor
scooter, so it will do it to yours,also. this is because these are such small batteries and why you should use a 1 amp MANUAL charger that wont turn off automatically.
I just refilled my motor scooter 4 ah ,12 volt battery cells with more epon salts/ distilled water solution and put it on a second 24 hour charge, but with the 1 amp charger,not the 6 amp charger. RESULTS: motor scooter battery is like new. charges up when i drive motor scooter and has juice to start scooter engine after sitting 4 days without driving.
Note: after the second charge the mo ped battery was weak ,but had enough juice to turn over & start the scooter.after a two mile drive,it was just fine and has been ok for the last 3 weeks. This after sitting hooked up without starting or recharging for over a year.
I did my dodge ram 2500 5 liter v8 batery the same way . it was click,click not even a rurr
from the starter & it charged up good. I let the truck sit for 2 months without running ,battery cables all hooked up , and buy rights,that batery should not have had the juice to start the truck, i expected it not to be able to start the truck, my fault for letting it sit with the battery hooked up. BUT,SUPRISE, it started the engine, barely had enough juice for a second crank, but the engine caught and the altinater recharged the battery,just fine.
The dodge ram aint registered and waiting 4 me to find a cheap snow plow at the junk yard 4 it, before i registar it & pay insurance.
My friend didnt believe me when i told him of this proceedure and was too foolish or stuberoon (AH) to bother to scrape of the sticker on his maintanance free battery & he spent $140.00 for a new sears die hard that he didnt need to buy. But,it is his money to blow and he did waiste his money, in my opinion.
SO,if the battery dont charge up the first 24 hours, put some more epson salt/distilled water to refill cells & do another 24 hours and if it isnt up to servicable condition yet, do a third 24 hour charge and refill cells as required. if your battery dont come up,do a fourth 24 hour charge. each time you do it,the battery gets a little better until it is a good battery,once again.

so far,this has worked on every battery i have tried it on. Sometimes .i had to do the third 24 hour charge and sometimes not. batteries were in different conditions of discharge when i started , so some required more attention than others, in better condition to start with. but they are all in good condition,now.
this really works. honest to god. May not work on every battery, because some batteries my be internally shorted out or have holes through the cells and cant hold electrolyte or be so eaten up inside that there is nothing left to restore. once a battery plate has dissintergrated, it is gone and cant be restored. But i have heard stories of batteries left abandened for 8 years,thought never to be able to work again, put back in service by this method.

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