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I have a PDF of the user manual if you want me to e-mail it to you. In the meantime, here is my Wiki Manual (BTW, pagan, the machine does make hot espresso or cappucino, but it doesn't froth per se like a regular espresso machine - it just heats the milk internally and dumps it into the espresso):

General Directions for Making Iced Cappuccinos
- Place carafe on top of drip/tray grate with handle touching right front of ICAPP – the ice fill lines should be visible when looking at front of unit
- Turn “milk knob” to OPEN position, and open lid of ICAPP
- Remove milk container, espresso collector, espresso spinner cup and cover
- Put espresso collector back in place with two plastic teeth facing front of machine
- There is a stepped fill line inside water reservoir that measures off 1,2, and 4 cups
- Fill water reservoir with either 1,2 or 4 fill line cups – do not overfill to avoid damaging the electronics
- Add espresso grounds to espresso spinner cup
- Line up teeth of spinner cup cover with spinner cup so that the cover locks into place
- Fill milk reservoir with 3 oz of milk per cup of iced cappuccino that you plan to make – there is a fill line that measures off 2 cups or 4 cups
- Fill carafe with either 2 cups worth of ice or 4 cups, depending on how much iced cappuccino you plan to make
- Press down on lid and turn milk knob to HEAT postion
- Turn ICAPP on using the ON/OFF button – it will begin to heat – takes about 5-6 minutes (HEAT light will stay on during this process – doesn’t make noise or steam for several minutes)
- When READY light turns green, turn the milk knob to the DISPENSE MILK position – your espresso and milk will start dispensing
- Unit turns itself off automatically when ready – takes several minutes

Cuisinart... | Answered on Nov 30, 2019

Does anyone know where the check valve is? We’ve taken the machine apart to try and figure why it’s steaming. We’ve checked the hoses and the filter assembly to no avail.

Cuisinart... | Answered on Nov 24, 2019

Gears inside are probably broken, I have 3 of them to do this (i use them commercially) and decided to open one up to see and the gears were broken and stripped. So far I have not been apple l able to find any replacement parts.

Cuisinart SM-55... | Answered on Nov 18, 2019

Additives and air.
Gums, emulsifiers and stabilizers are commonly added to commercial ice cream, and generally there is more air whipped into the commercial ice cream during freezing in the manufacturing process.

Cuisinart Ice... | Answered on Nov 17, 2019

You have not missed anything. Unplugging for longer than 16 minutes (has 15-minute memory) is the only troubleshooting you can perform. Call Cuisinart to find out if you are still in warranty. All electronics have a failure rate. Cuisinart's is acceptably low, but their coffee makers are the least reliable of all their products. The basic problem with electronic coffee makers is that coffee makers produce high heat, and high heat kills electronics and melts plastic. At least Cuisinart has a 3-year warranty - higher than the industry standard.

Let me put it another way. All coffee makers have a high failure rate. As many Cuisinart coffee makers that break down, the non-Grind-and-Brews still have a 91 rating from Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports doesn't give ANYTHING a 91 rating. A lot break, but you probably won't fare much better by switching to a different brand. The problem with a Cuisinart breaking down is that an expensive unit broke down - you wouldn't be upset if your $15 Mr. Coffee broke every year. The law of averages is on your side - a 2nd Cuisinart will probably last longer.

-Tha Mp3 Doctor

Cuisinart... | Answered on Sep 17, 2019

Most likey a burned out heating coil. You can buy them let me know the model number and I can give you a web site to go to buy it.

Cuisinart... | Answered on Aug 29, 2019

I've gone through 2 DCC 3000. The first one was replaced for free within the warranty period. The second machine also now drips from time to time from the dispensing spout.
I believe the problem is a coffee ground gets stuck in the dispenser and the reservoir will leak until it's empty. My solution isn't a good one but it works. After pouring each and every cup stop and watch to see if it's still dripping. If not you can walk away. If it IS dripping keep tapping the dispenser until the ground is dislodged and the leak stops.
Inconvenient but it works.
The real solution is to return it and but another brand. Cuisenart will not refund your money. They will only replace it and only replace it with the same model.
Of course you'll still have the same issue with the replacement.

Cuisinart... | Answered on Aug 26, 2019

Follow the instructions in the manual for descaling. Press the 6oz and 8oz button together for two seconds. This will dispense a cup of water(since you have already cleaned) . The clean light will flash....when the cup is done the light will go out.

Cuisinart Coffee... | Answered on Aug 21, 2019

Check with Sunbeam. The beaters may have to be replaced.

Cuisinart Food... | Answered on Aug 18, 2019

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