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Can you take the battery out? wait for 15 seconds and put it back. Check it work or not.
If not, can you do the soft reset? the is the reset button on HTC.
Hope this will help.

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Your charging port is probably bad. It is a common issue. You can take it into an electronics shop and they could fix it by sending it to the manufacturer, but it might cost more than a new phone like the HTC incredible

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It`s basically an alert. Press and hold the exclamation mark and a notification area will open up which you can drag to full screen, read, act upon, or delete.

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If you are charging the phone the SD will become unavailable. I heard it is only if using a 3rd party charger, but it also happens if you are connected to a computer via USB.

If this is not the case, it could be a formatting issue with the SD card.

To remove the card,hold the phone in landscape orientation, slide open the keyboard and you will see a little tab on the device (not on the slide part) to the right of the keyboard pad, near the bottom... open the tab with your fingernail and then you can push in the sd card to get it to release... make sure you unmount it in 'settings/sd card and internal storage' BEFORE you take the card out or you risk corrupting the info on the card...

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well obviously the market app wont work until you have an active wireless connection. But it also sounds like the market app is corrupted. Connect your g1 to a wireless network with internet access and then go into settings and tell it to search for updates. That might fix it

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Here's where to get hold of solutions to this common problem.

it's most likely cos

1. you don't have drivers for the usb

2. You haven't enabled usb connectivity
Make sure USB Debugging is turned on. On the G1 click the Menu button and go to Settings > Applications > Development and check USB Debugging if it isn't already.

3. If everything fails, you may need to check your cable to see if it's still okay. borrow another one or buy cheaply from a reputable seller on ebay.

for more info.

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You don't actually need installation software for a windows computer. Just use the supplied USB cord to the computer and go through the wizard.

Here is the manual as well incase you need it :)

Hope this helps!
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just open containing
folder in mobile

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Adding a Google account to your phone is optional, but highly recommended, and necessary in order to access the Android Marketplace. If you have a Gmail account, use your sign-in for this, otherwise sign up for a Google account at

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Since you are rooted, you can load a custom ROM that has ringtones. A popular ROM for the G1 is Cyanogenmod. An easier way to get ringtones onto the phone, however, is to simply put whatever video and ringtones you want onto a microSD card and load it into the G1. Once you load the microSD card, the ringtones will be available in Settings -> Sounds and the Videos will show up in the Video application.

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If you're trying to unlock your G1 phone so you can use it on another GSM service provider, then you may GET YOUR NETWORK UNLOCK CODE HERE


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You can download an app from the Android Market called Apps2SD that will let you do that.



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possible ways to get an unlock code:

-ask ur current operator to give u an unlock code
-go to any mobile repair shop and get ur mobile unlocked via box device
-follow the links below:

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While using the HTC G1 there are different features such as watching YouTube, listening to music, programs running in the background, using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, constantly synchronizing e-mail that can drain the battery quickly.
To improve battery life, refer to the following information: • When you don't need 3G services, set your phone to connect to a 2G network. To do this, press HOME > MENU > Settings > Wireless controls > Mobile networks, then select the Prefer 2G networks option. • When your G1 is not in use, press END CALL/POWER to switch off the screen. • Select a shorter idle time before the phone screen switches off and lower the screen brightness. To do this, press HOME > MENU > Settings > Sound & display > Brightness and Screen timeout. • Use the AC adapter to plug your G1 into an external power outlet whenever possible. • Turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when you are not using it. To do this, press HOME > MENU > Settings > Wireless controls. • Turn off your phone connection to GPS satellites when not in use. To do this, press HOME > MENU, tap Settings > Security & location, then clear the GPS satellites option. • Close battery-intensive programs, such as the Camera, when you are done using them.

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Is your computer able to read the card with an SD adapter? If so, back up any information on it to the computer. Put card back in phone and go to settings->storage->unmount SD card->then format SD card. Allowing the phone to format the card usually has better results than formatting it in Windows because it's going to use the correct file system type.

Hope this helps


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i think the sensor on the keybord is the sensor on the screen and it has ben stripped to it's natureal state of the screen is off, you might be stuck but you should try craigslist and hope.and just email anyone that's selling anyone a cellphone screen or taking apart a phone and telll them your problem, and use paypal.

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  1. Download this file.
  2. Copy it onto your SD card. Be sure not to put it in any folders.
  3. Turn you phone off. Now hold down the power and volume-down buttons to enter the bootloader. Follow the instructions to update to Android 2.1


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The slot is covered and you need to open it. Its aside the call button and you need to flit it up first. Then you will see a little cover, open it and insert the card.

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install active-sync then connect or maybe blocking due to virus

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Hey Carlanoelle!
Here's what you need to do:
  • Open the default messaging app
  • Press the "Menu" on the G1
  • Select "Settings"
  • Scroll down the page until you see "Notifications"
  • Make sure Notifications is checked
  • Select "Notification settings"
  • "Select Ringtone"

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