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If is is only months old, contact the seller for warranty diagnostics and repair. It can only be the charger, the lead or the batteries.

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Just look at the cam as an external HD. Then you can browse with Explorer, find the pics and copy/paste to the NT machine. After the paste, delete from camera. Don't cut/paste and possibly lose all.

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Try using Google to search for the software you need.

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Hello, Regina -

Without knowing the make and model of the camcorder it is a challenge to give you the best information.

Instead, I suggest you take the camcorder to a store which specializes in cameras and related equipment. Someone at such a store can give you the best advice.

Note: For more permanence of the videos you may want to have them transferred to a DVD.

Best wishes.

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Turn the power switch on your camcorder to "Off." Connect the USB cable that came with the camcorder to the USB port on the camcorder. If you are using the DV cable, connect one end of the cable to the computer first. Put the other end of the USB cable into the USB port on your computer. If you are using the DV cable, connect it to the camcorder. Power on your camcorder. Wait while your computer recognizes the attached JVC GR-D270U camcorder. Typically you will get a pop-up on your screen asking how you want to proceed once the camcorder has been recognized. Open your video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, Roxie, iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Import, or capture, the video from the camcorder to your computer using the video editing software. For example, in iMovie you click on "File," then "Import from Camera" to download the movie from your camcorder to the computer.

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Unit is - what ?

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Rewind the tape ?

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Take it the service centre

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Without actually seeing the indicator the only rectangular symbol I can think of is the batter level. Any chance you can take a picture of it and reply to this post with the picture?

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Why not do what the manual says ? They're printed to assist you.

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I'm not sure how you can describe going from one unsupported OS to another counts as an 'upgrade'. However, what you will need is the drivers for your 'current' OS. I feel it is highly unlikely they will still be available.

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Take camera and its battery to a camera outlet, ask them to check the built-in rechargeable battery.
Most outlets will help you with this, as its likely that if the battery has failed, you'll buy a replacement from the same dealer.

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There is often a small battery inside the unit or accessed from outside that holds the memory that the device was last set. Yours is defaulting to maximum zoom. And in fact it does.

Built-in Clock's Rechargeable Lithium Battery
To store the date/time in memory, the clock's rechargeable
lithium battery is integrated in the camcorder. While the
camcorder is connected to an AC outlet using the AC
Power Adapter/Charger, or while the battery pack attached
to the camcorder continues to supply power, the clock's
rechargeable lithium battery is always charged. However,
if the camcorder is not used for approx. 3 months, the
clock's lithium battery will become discharged and the
date/time stored in memory will be lost. When this occurs,
first connect the camcorder to an AC outlet using the AC
Power Adapter/Charger for over 24 hours to charge the
clock's rechargeable lithium battery. Then perform the
date/time setting before using the camcorder.
Note that the camcorder can be used without setting the

Your manual in English. You can use a smartphone with Google translate and the camera feature to read what is shown on the camera in Japanese and change the operating language to English.


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Request the wiring diagram directly from JVC.

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Sounds as if something is preventing the gears engaging. Service required.

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Try reversing the actions you made to see if you can restore operation of your capture program. And if you do, I would suggest that you do not reinstall in your computer the software for the still pictures since there is a conflict. Better still, If you have a system restore point dated before you introduced the still software, I would try that first . Good luck!

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