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This could potentially be a very dangerous situation. If you would forget, leave clothes or something else flammable on top of the dryer and leave the dryer plugged in, you could come home to a house burned to the ground, not even considering what could happen if someone was in the home at the time. If it has been hot enough to melt one of the clothes tumblers inside the drum, it could, conceiveably have been hot enough to have melted some of the insulation off some of the wiring inside the unit. The only way to tell for sure would be to disassemble the unit to have it inspected, which could cost a fair sized bill in itself, not to mention what it could cost to replace that wiring. In light of this I would suggest just starting a search for a new dryer. Sorry.

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Sounds suspiciously like worn support roller shaft bearings. When they get bad sometimes the rollers just wobble on the shaft and eventually, if the dryer isn't shut down and repair quickly, the shafts will become severely worn and will need to be replaced as well as the rollers. It will most likely have to be disassembled before a good estimate can be made.

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It is long gone by now. Check the outlet of your dryer vent (where it exits to atmosphere).
You may need to disassemble the ventpipe to find where it is at.


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Does the actual flame come on or just the igniter? if flame comes on I would start be disconnecting the vent from the dryer and then running dryer. If still the same problem you can rule out a vent restrictiion problem. If its just the igniter coming on with no flame then check your burner coils on the gas valve. They should check less than a couple K ohms. A bad coil will read infinite ohms.

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Unplug dryer and try bypassing the thermal fuse by taping the two wires together and plug back in and try to start. If starts replace thermal fuse.

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Hi kcbunnnie...

Sounds like your problem may be a broken belt, or the belt may have slipped off of the motor pulley, or idler arm pulley,faulty capacitor, or a faulty motor.
Note: This method works for most front loading machines.
If you have to check/replace/repair your drum motor,drum seals,belt,rollers, etc.
If replacing drum seals be sure to use a good grade of weather proof cement to hold the seal/s in place, some seals are furnished with the cement to glue it in place.
Remove the electrical console that holds the timer switch,start switch, etc. from the top of the dryer if necessary. Be real careful not to knock any of the wires off of the timer switch or other electrical connections.
Remove the lint filter and the two screws that hold the filter housing to the top of the dryer lid.
Then remove the top of the dryer by inserting a screwdriver between the top and frame on each side of the dryer to pop the lid up from the retaining clips.
Note: Some of the tops tilt backwards on a type of hinge and do not have to be removed completly.
Remove the front of the machine by disconnecting the door switch and removing the two screws located on either side of the dryer frame.
Move the door and front of machine forward to remove.
This will expose the belt,idler bracket and drum, remove the drum and belt and this will expose the drum rollers, idler arm bracket with pulley, and motor with pulley. Pay attention to the route of the belt, this will come in handy when you go to reinstall the belt and drum.
Sometimes the belt will slip off of the idler arm or motor causing the drum not to turn.
Note:The way the belt goes back on is, as the belt comes off the drum has to be doubled (pushed together to form a loop) and goes under the idler pulley then to the motor pulley.
Here is a link to see a picture of your belt routing in case the belt is broken when you open your dryer:

While you have the drum out, I would recommend that you remove and lubricate the drum rollers.
And also clean the shafts of the rollers as they will collect hair,dust,etc and cause problems and then lubricate the shafts and rollers with a good grade of machine oil like 3 in One oil or a vasoline type of lubricant. This will save you a problem later with the rollers getting dry and making a squeeling noise, also check your drum rollers for flat spots, if they have flat spots on them this will cause a thumping type noise.
You will need to replace the drum rollers if they have flat spots on them.
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If your dryer is not drying like it once did or if you just have nottaken the time to give yourself a clean dryer in a long time then youneed to do that. At least once a year the dryer cleaning should takeplace. Lint build up in the dryer duct is one of the main causesfor your dryer to fail.

Here is the rest of this tip about DryerMaintenance


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Hi, If you are having problems with your gas dryer not heatingthe most common problem is that the ignitor goes bad. Even though it glowssometimes it is still not working properly. if you dryer is gas check out this gas no heat tip.... If you have an electric dryer, you can have many differentthings that can go wrong causing the dryer not to heat. check outthis electric no heat tip...


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You will first need to determine where the problem is, I would disconnect the dryer vent from the dryer. Now if the drying improves, problem is not the dryer, its the vent system. If no change, does the unit heat at first then slowly fail to heat? Does it produce any heat? I need more information to direct you in the correct direction.
Please get back to me

I’m happy to help further over the phone at

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Here is a tip that I wrote about dryers and noises...

It will help you determine what is happening there...

Dryer Repair Squeaks, Grinding, Clicking and Knocking Noise


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Hello, welcome to FixYa.

I'll start by saying your post indicates it is a Kitchen Aid gas dryer.
If this is a symptom where the ignitor does glow but doesn't ignite the burner (after initially starting but shutting the burner off) I would be looking at the burner coils.

This is what you'll be looking for based on the model number provided (Whirlpool built dryers such as your's)...


Once you've gain access to the coils you'll need to remove the wire harness and check the continuity.

Here's the tricky part though...many times they will ohm out ok when cool (not operating) yet as soon as there is current passing through the coil for a period of time it "opens". The wire inside the coils is so fine that often it only takes a small current to "open" the circuit...thus not igniting the 2nd, 3rd time and so on.

Most times it will only be one coil that fails but it is good practice to replace them both, many places used to sell them in a kit so double check with your supplier. I've attached a link here, though it may be different than your model the principles to changing the coils are the same.

As far as what part you may need and how to get it. There are a couple of places I prefer, on-line at "" or "".

Kit contains both the two wire and three wire solenoids. One solenoid is the primary and one is the safety. Both have to operate for the gas valve to open. Usually, one of them burns out as I said but you should always replace them as a set.

**unplug the appliance and turn off the gas supply before attempting any first**

The most common for Whirlpool (this included your's built by Whirlpool) is part number 3479 at "repairclinic" as this link should provide you.

If you think the info here is not accurate please reply with a model number and we can go from there. Let me know how you make out or if you require further assistance and I'll do whatever I can. Good luck.


Macmarkus :)

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This tip i wrote covers the usual things that could be wrong with a gas dryer and how to check them.

I hope it helps you to fix your's and please fell free to respond (add comment) if you cant figure something out.


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It is possible that a belt could have came off or broken. You will need to turn off power and remove rear cover to investigate.

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Hi kelleyhar25
You did not say what the manufacturer of your dryer was, so it is hard to tell you where to place the idler pulley brackett...
The idler pulley should be attached to a piece of metal, that piece of metal will slip into a slot at the bottom of the dryer. Look for a small worn spot on the bottom of the dryer and that is where the idler arm brackett will connect to.
I will send you to a webpage to show you how to route your dryer belt and also show the position of the brackett in many different dryers.
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Are you using the auto dry setting when it shuts off early? or is it the timed dry setting
if auto dry the sensor bar in the front of the drum very possibly built up with stuff on it and telling the control its dry before it actually is. The sensor bar could be cleaned with some rubbing alcohol and the green scrubby side of a kitchen sponge
This is what the sensor bar looks likeoldtech2332_47.jpg

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Since the ignitor glows red hot and gas is ignited but shuts down after a moment, it clearly suggests that the gas valve solenoid coils sitting on top of the valves are weak or faulty. They work perfectly during the first ignition but shut down eventually when they get hot and do not work again until it has sufficiently cooled down. Replace both solenoid coils and it should fix the problem.

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Hi mikedepies...

Your problem sounds like the drum rollers are in need of lubrication, or maybe your drum belt has slipped off of the idler arm pulley.

Note: This method works with most front loading machines.

Remove the electrical console that holds the timer switch, start switch, etc. from the top of the dryer if you have to.
Note: Some tops hinge and tilt backwards so they do not have to be removed and the electrical console with stay with the lid.
Also remove the lint filter and the screws holding the lint filter housing in place.
Be REAL CAREFUL not to knock any of the wires off of the timer switch. Then remove the top of the dryer.
Remove the front of the dryer by removing two screws located on either side of the top of the dryer housing and unplug the door switch.
This will expose the drum and belt. Remove the drum and belt and this will expose the drum rollers, idler arm pulley and motor.Now is a good time to replace the front felt seal on the drum if it needs to be replaced. Be sure to use a good grade of weatherproof cement on the seal to glue it to the drum, sometimes the glue is furnished with the seal.
Now is also a good time to check the belt to see if it has slipped off of the idler arm pulley and also to check the belt condition for wear.
Be sure to note the route of the belt, this will come in handy when you go to reinstall the belt.
Check your drum rollers for flat spots or wear, if they have flat spots or wear they will make a thumping type of noise.
If your drum rollers have too much wear on them replace them.
If the drum rollers don't have flat spots or wear on them and are only squeeling then they probably only need lubrication.
Remove the rollers and clean the shafts that the roller rolls on, remove any hair,dust,etc from roller and shaft.
Lubricate the shaft of the rollers with a good grade of machine oil such as 3 in One oil, or a light lubricant like Vaseline.
Reassemble the dryer.
Plug back into your electrical receptical.
This should solve your noise problem.
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Webpage for parts:

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